Tuesday, January 31, 2012

basket of the month: February (and what Project Pan means to me)

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in a rather lengthy video, i tell how you i'm adapting Project Pan in my so-called "no buy 2012" and then i show you the items in my makeup basket of February!

there is no way i can completely cut myself off from buying makeup. i'm just being more moderate in my spending. i know i can do it! i don't need everything... and if i miss out on something, c'est la vie! :) xoxo Kathleen

Monday, January 30, 2012

tag: 7 deadly sins of beauty

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i rambled on way too long in today's video! i think it's my longest video uploaded to YouTube since i started back up on the first. i think it was a fun tag to do because you get to learn about me a little bit more. in the past, i was a little bit too stiff in my videos. i didn't really share too much of myself and be more relaxed. but this time around, i feel more relaxed with myself to be a bit more goofy or share my oopsies on YouTube.

so i hope you enjoy a little bit more about me... i promise to do more of these tags so you get to know more about me! LOL thanks for watching! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, January 29, 2012

new haircut! (and it was the best $25 i've ever spent!)

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i'm sooooo happy with my haircut! i know it probably looks the same as before, but believe me, it's so much lighter and thinner, and i have a lot more volume at the crown! i can't wait to start curling it and experimenting with it. LOL

i can't believe i only spent $25 (and i gave him a $10 tip)... it was just too good to be true when i had been spending 3-4x that amount at the salon i had been going to for the past 2 years. i'm sure it's also because i got my hair highlighted as well... but i'm not going to do that anymore... too much upkeep! i am anxious to get back to my natural color. more of it is now showing after this haircut. there's just a few more chunks left and in a couple more haircuts, they will be gone. i could just dye it, but i don't want to damage my hair even more.

my favorite part of the haircut are the layers framing my face. my hair now has shape because of that! my new stylist just kept on cutting, cutting, cutting... snipping, snipping, snipping. i didn't even want to look down... but when i did, i couldn't believe how much hair there was! it didn't scare me... but i was just a little surprised. i will definitely be going back to this salon. i might go shorter next time. we'll see. xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FOTD & haircut talk (... again!)

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just a quick, short video today showing how i used the tarte smoulderEYES and emphasEYES eye shadow sticks. i love them! they stay on so well & hardly crease! i just use my fingers to smudge and blend them out. so easy peasy!

so i made my haircut appointment at a new salon for tomorrow at noon. i'm actually excited for this haircut because it probably has been about 4-5 months since... i just checked my calendar... my last haircut was back in August!

i have some pictures to show my new stylist and i hope he can adapt them to my face shape. i hope he can live up to my expectations (based on the reviews i read on Yelp). i am just dying to get rid of all my split ends and get my hair back to my natural color once again. (also, please excuse my ginormous pores... i really need to fix that... i even exported the video in large (480p) instead of HD (720p) and you can still see them. my pores are a result of having extremely bad skin back in middle school and high school where i was plagued with severe cystic acne. yeah, gross. fortunately my skin is on the mend... i'm extremely happy with the way it looks right now... it's 1000x better than when i started using Murad in June 2011. i hate looking at those pictures. anyway... xoxo Kathleen

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Kitty Parisienne palette, Buxom True Hue blush, bareMinerals Trend Report collection

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so i'm sure you probably think that i cheated on my "no buy 2012" promise, and i guess i did with the BUXOM blush, but for the other items, they were all limited edition, not part of the permanent line, and i did mention that i was going to buy the Hello Kitty one in a past video. i probably should've held off on buying the BUXOM blush, as i have TONS of blushes, loose and pressed alike, but this was the first pressed blush that Bare Escentuals released! i thought they were going to release one under the bareMinerals READY line, but they released one under the BUXOM division instead.

i can't wait to use these products in upcoming "FOTD show & tell" videos. i think i'll also go back in my collection (since i saved all the boxes from my bareMinerals purchases) and use them in those videos as well. there are so many videos using M.A.C or other high end products, but bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals are still so lacking... and they have GREAT products... so if you're interested, you'll be seeing more of these products show up in my videos. i'm actually excited about this! thanks for watching! i'll be back tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FOTD & haircut question (featuring Coastal Scents Beijing palette)

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i decided to use my MAC Craving lipstick in today's face of the day. i bought it a long time ago when Emily/EmilyNoel83 had it in a shopping list video and then she featured it as one of her favorite lipsticks in her recent Emily Awards. the lipstick is very pigmented and bold on me and i'm just not used to seeing myself wear this type of lipstick/color. i'm usually a brownie pink type of girl... but i have a lot of lipsticks and lip glosses that range all sorts of colors. i asked my husband how i looked with this lipstick and he said i looked really nice (but then again, he's probably biased... LOL). i think it looks nice on me, too, if i do say so myself.

so onto my hair... the hairstyle i like is one i found of Ashley Olsen... i know she has a different face shape than me, but i liked her hair in this picture (the seventh one with the blue background)... i'm sure her hair is way thinner than mine and she does have some soft waves... but that's the style i'm going for. i don't think my hairstylist will agree to chopping my hair in short layers closer to the crown, but i'm just sick of my hair being this lifeless. i just don't want to get rid of the length. i know it's just hair and it'll grow back but to get my hair this long, it took a very long time as i feel my hair grows very slow. we'll just have to see what i come home with next Wednesday. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aveeno, baby wipes, WnW nail polish haul (and lots of rambling)

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so it was yet another rainy, gloomy day here... and i didn't feel like making a show & tell video or any other video like that so i just had a tiny haul to share with you.

i used the baby wipes to spot clean my brushes and i must say that they work! it worked well with my eye brushes since they don't have a lot of bristles, but when i tried to clean my face brushes, especially my foundation brush, it was still discolored from the foundation. i'm not too bothered by it (since i didn't really spot clean my brushes before today), but i'm impressed with how clean my eye brushes got with just one baby wipe. i think, for the most part, the eye brushes need to be as clean as possible since they are used very close to the eye and you don't want to get an infection due to pure negligence. so with this realization (better late than never), i will continue spot cleaning my brushes with these baby wipes. sheesh. that was a rather long-winded explanation just about baby wipes. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mally Beauty Defend Your Beauty #2

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i didn't have enough daylight left when i filmed this video (as it got gloomy in the afternoon) and so i had to turn on a few lights. i think i still looked pretty decent in this lighting.

anyway, here's another "look at what i got!" video, where i show you what i got in the mail... this is the second installment of the Mally Beauty Defend Your Beauty collection. i believe there is one or two more left to go.

i have been enjoying Mally's products for a while now, ever since i saw Emily/EmilyNoel83 and Heidi/Jalapena2007 speak about them on their channels. since Mally is a Filipina and so am i, i thought i would try them out. i have only bought the sets and have been happy with what i have received. i am really enjoying the liners and the shadow sticks and her volumizing mascara is one of my favorites. there will be a video showcasing all the Mally products i have purchased. i hope you like this video. thanks for watching. xoxo Kathleen

Monday, January 23, 2012

FOTD show & tell January 23rd

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today i made another show & tell video... this time using the original NAKED palette from Urban Decay. i almost used my BUXOM gel eyeliner, which i love, but at the last minute, i used "creep" from the NAKED palette because i wanted to use as many colors as i could from the palette.

as you can tell, i'm no makeup artist. i learned how to apply makeup by watching YouTube videos. i must confess that after i watched this video while editing, i saw that i didn't apply enough or somehow i blended away my transition color on my left eye. whoops! LOL well, i fixed it while i was editing the video.

i primarily made the video for my friend who received her NAKED palette from me for her birthday. i think she will be happy that i made this video for her because she absolutely loves this palette! thanks for watching! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, January 22, 2012

foundations that i'm currently using

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i don't own a lot of foundation simply because i always have a hard time trying to find the shade that matches my skin and so i just don't buy any. i've only been matched a few times (by M.A.C, Clinique, and in Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver) and i've been satisfied with those matches. however, when i go by myself to the drug store, i just can't see what they see. in the past, i've bought my fair share of foundations that didn't match my skin, but i've been quite successful recently. however, i plan on not buying anymore foundations (as part of project no-buy 2012) until i've used up what i have. it's a good thing i really don't own that many foundations.

in today's video, i show you what i am currently rotating through, but i completely forgot about the other foundations that are stashed away in my makeup drawers (the white drawers you see in the background of some of my videos). i forgot i had bought the M.A.C mineralize satinfinish foundation and also the Clinique superfit and acne solutions foundations. i also forgot that i have a handful of tinted moisturizers, too. i'm not sure when i'll add them to my foundation rotation... probably when i've made a serious dent in what i have on my makeup table.

one of my longtime subscribers (from my old channel "daysies1974") mentioned that she really enjoyed this camera angle as she could see the true color of whatever i was showing. so i think i'll be filming from my makeup table a lot more and take advantage of the natural light that comes in from the windows that flank either side of the table. i'll probably film from my desk when i have to show products that aren't too dependent on the color or when i just need to vlog or something. i also want to cover up the wire shelving that's behind me because i think it looks ugly. i had put up some window sheers but that looked ugly, too. i don't know if i want to buy a screen and wrap it in some cute fabric. i just want a non-cluttered background. oh, well, it's not too too important at the time being.

well, thanks for hanging out with me again today... i'll see ya tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

clothing, jewelry, and new jacket haul!

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oh, boy, how bad am i! i did more shopping! like i need any more clothes...

i had a nice time with my hubby... as much as he hates going shopping (except for a couple of stores), he tolerated every store we went to. i think it's because we went to an outdoor mall of sorts. the weather was great and he didn't complain one bit.

then a few hours later, i accompanied my friend and her daughter to the mall and bought a few more things... this time at the LOFT Outlet! i'm totally obsessed with buying cardigans! i got a teal one and a fuchsia pink one... i also got a white blouse that had a deep V-neck and 3/4 sleeves (i'll also pair it with a tank underneath because the V-neck is very revealing... LOL). i'll probably show these pieces in another video. i wore my new Eddie Bauer jacket the whole entire time and i didn't get sweaty at all. it was so comfortable to wear. i'm so glad i got it!

hope you had a good Saturday... now it's time to take off my makeup and get in my jammies. xoxo Kathleen

Friday, January 20, 2012

QVC/NewBeauty testtube Winter-Spring 2012

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so here's the 3rd installment of the auto-delivery order from QVC for the NewBeauty testtube. i'm usually pretty happy with the deluxe samples i get in the testtubes. this one was no exception as i got full sizes of the tarte emphasEYES aqua gel eyeliner (in teal) and the famous volumizing mascara from Mally Beauty (my favorite!). those 2 products together cost way more than the $29.95 quarterly fee (as you get a new testtube every quarter). if i end up trying any of the products, you'll see them in an upcoming video.

i hope you have a good Friday! i'll be back again tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, January 19, 2012

basket of the month: January (and project pan... mostly face products)

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i finally succumbed to Project Pan... started by Laura/lollipop26 a few years ago, Project Pan was to select 10 products from your makeup collection and use them up exclusively (?) until they were completely empty, or "hitting pan" (where you can see the metal/glass/plastic pan at the bottom). some YTers selected more products and some selected just a few... regardless it was to use up what you already had and not buy more. then once you were able to accomplish this, you can reward yourself with buying more products!

since i put myself on a mostly no-buy project for 2012 (except for a few brands, like Bare Escentuals/bareMinerals), i have to shop my stash and use what i have. so today, i selected 7 products for my basket of the month. a couple of girls i recently subscribed to make videos about their basket of the week, which are products they are using for that week. they change up the products from week-to-week and may include some of their Project Pan items. since i don't wear makeup enough, i thought having a basket of the month would fit my routine much better. i guess i could have a basket of the week, which would include eye, lip, and cheek products, but i like to switch those things up every single day.

so my basket of the week will contain mostly face products because i know i can use those up the fastest. to make things easy for me this first time around, i chose items that are already halfway used. i've also had these products in my collection for years actually so i'll be happy to use them up. most likely i won't repurchase these items after finishing them because i have sooooo many other products to go through... but this video will help remind me what i've used up in case i want to repurchase these products in the future.

i'll make these videos monthly and so i hope you continue to stay tuned in! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

outfit of the day & clothing haul, etc

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just finished watching CSI... i have seen every single episode of this series (and some episodes more than once)... and tonight is Marg Helgenberger's second to last episode. i wonder why she is really leaving... Elizabeth Shue (remember her from Melrose Place?) is going to join the team. i don't know much about who she's going to play (as i try not to read spoilers).

anyway, i spent some time outside of the house today. i just needed to get out. so i did a bit of shopping and showed the things i bought in a haul for you!

i'm a very simple dresser... jeans, t-shirts, flip-flips, sneakers, etc. i have some dresses, but i wear them only during the summer. i don't really like to wear dresses during the fall or winter because i get cold so easily. i would like to wear dresses, but i need to own some opaque tights first. oh, well, the winter we've been having has been so mild that i might wait until next winter to invest in some tights. i have enough pairs of jeans (and some jeggings) to tide me over... xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals / Bare Escentuals READY eye shadows V1

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holy moly! this took so long to upload! since i record and export in HD, when you save a file size for more than a 10 minute video, you upload over 1GB and it might take 2-3 hours. today's video took about 236 minutes... and if YT slows down, it might even take longer. i love the HD quality (which is 720p or 1080p)... you can see a difference between 480p and 720p. i will definitely need to record earlier in the day so i can edit and upload before i pick up my husband from work... or else, i'll be sucking up the bandwidth at home when the hubby needs to use it. oops.

in this video, i also talk about my lighting, which always seems to be a constant struggle. i don't have those fancy schmancy light kits that some other beauty YTers have used. i have some Target standup lights (that MakeupbyTiffanyD uses) and some clip lights (that i also bought from Target) but i've been trying to use natural light. my makeup table sits in between the 2 windows in my office. i have horizontal blinds on those windows. i probably should've just pulled up the blinds to let in as much natural light as i can (instead of just opening them), but when i do, i look dark... well, like i'm sitting in a bit of a shadow. i would love to move my table directly underneath one of the windows, but i have a wire bookcase in the way that i can't move anywhere else in my room. i just don't want to look orange anymore in my videos... and it shouldn't be this difficult! LOL

so this is how i'm going to do my collection videos, if you haven't already noticed, under the "what's in my stash?" category. this way, i can share my 2 cents about these products without just showing them to you. i'll also have a makeup storage video, but that won't be coming in a long time... but it's definitely on my todo list! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, January 16, 2012

outfit of the day & new full-length mirror

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hey everyone! just filmed a quick video showing my outfit of the day. my husband and i went to TJMaxx/HomeGoods to buy a full-length mirror, which is love, and some other house things & toys for my niece. 

i had filmed this video once before, but i said "hope you had a good rest of your Sunday" (or something like that) because i thought it was Sunday! but it's Monday... actually Martin Luther King Day, which is also a bank holiday so that's why my husband was off today to join me shopping! yay! he got himself some Turkish Delight so it made up for having to go shopping with me and for carrying the mirror upstairs.

i think i'll be filling my outfit of the day videos in front of this mirror. i'll get a better hang of holding the phone in front of me. maybe i'll flip it around or something... i'll keep on practicing... it's a work in progress, you know? thanks for watching! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, January 15, 2012

what's in my bag?

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just a quick video showing you what's in my bag... this bag from Ann Taylor LOFT is really roomy! when i took it with me to Washington last year, i jammed it full of crap... including my iPad2!

i also hope you don't mind pictures of food that i've been cooking at home. part of my 2012 resolutions is to cook more at home, especially my favorite dishes i grew up. i grew up eating Filipino food at least 75% of the time... we almost always ate at home and rarely ate out. my mom did cook spaghetti and we did have McDonald's and pizza, but for the most part, it was always something home-cooked. so over the past few years, i've vowed to learn how to make my favorite dishes so i can cook it at home for myself and my husband. nowadays i'm the one teaching my sisters how to cook these dishes. i'm very proud of myself for learning how to cook Filipino dishes. my mom is very proud of me, too.

so here's what i made tonight for dinner. please don't mind the wrapper i used when making the lumpia. i bought the wrong one as i was in a hurry at the grocery store. there also wasn't a lot of variety when i looked for it. when i spoke with my mom, she told me what i should've bought and i know what to do next time. practice makes perfect! despite the error, the lumpia was so yummy! xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, January 14, 2012

outfit of the day & tiny haul

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just another quick outfit of the day... simple & casual!

the video where i learned how to make sushi was from ItsJudyTime from 2009! she and Benji look so young! i don't think i watched her that much back then, but i watched her a lot in 2011 and i'm totally addicted to her daily vlogs on ItsJudysLife. she and Benji live in Washington State and when we went on vacation there back in October 2011, i was so nostalgic about Seattle that i had to watch her videos, especially her vlogs, to see where they go. my husband grew up in Washington so when i watch one of their vlogs, i ask him if he's ever heard of the places they visited. most of the time he has! we dream of living in Seattle one day.

anyway, i have to hand it to the sushi chefs. it's hard work! i already knew i was using the wrong rice but i had to make do with what i have. then when it came time to rolling the sushi, i couldn't get the hang of it. i made 5 rolls and they all came out too thick. i know i put too much rice. it does take lots of practice, and since they were so delicious, i know i'll be making this again. i'm sure i can make better hand rolls because that requires no cutting! LOL i think i made about 40-50 pieces of sushi and had about 10 pieces leftover. i got so full!

here's my creation! it was YUMMY! this picture taken with Instagram, using the Kelvin filter... you can follow me on Instagram, too! search for "daysies"... xoxo Kathleen

Friday, January 13, 2012

FOTD show & tell January 13th

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so i finally blew the dust off my HD video camera (Sony HDR-XR150) and recorded another Face of the Day (FOTD). this time i was at my makeup table and used natural lighting and no external lighting. when i film at my desk, i'm using my webcam (Logitech C910) which records in HD 720p and i have a clip lamp on one of my wire shelves and table lamp that sits on my desk. in my old videos, i used the webcam that came with my iMac but the model i own doesn't record in HD. the new ones do and i so want one with a 27" monitor! well, i just upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 16GB and it has definitely sped up importing video from the various cameras and exporting the video to an MOV file. the quality was pretty good, but i wanted it to be better so that's why i got the HD video camera. i got the Logitech camera because i wanted to film videos on the fly with high quality, too, and i didn't have to mess with lugging my HD video camera (as if it's sooo heavy... LOL).

anyway, i hope the lighting in this video is much better than the orange cast the lamps give me when i'm at my desk. i think i'll film using my webcam when i'm showing stuff and outfits of the day/night, but i think i'll use my HD video camera when i'm doing my show & tell videos. the only thing i don't like about using the HD video camera is that you can see my giant pores. UGH. it's because of the horrible skin that i had in high school. it's not nearly as bad this time around i mainly break out in my chin and under my chin, but the aftermath of the acne i had back in high school is forever carved in my cheeks. i hate it. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FOTD show & tell January 12th

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since i'm not a makeup artist, it feels awkward to me to call videos where i show you how to apply makeup as a "tutorial." so i'm calling them "show & tell" where i show you how i put on my makeup and tell you what products i used. so i hope you like this type of video!

after i watched this video back, i realized that i was mainly in the bottom half of the screen. i'm going to fix this in an upcoming video and also move the camera closer to my face. i'm currently using a webcam (which records in HD - it's so awesome!) and it doesn't zoom in. my Sony HD camcorder does zoom in, but it's just so much easier to use my webcam because it's already plugged into my iMac. plus, i love the HD quality! i'm so impressed! i'm going to keep working on this so i can make the best videos i can. i'm also going to work on the lighting because i'm noticing that i'm way too orange. so i might use the stand up lights that you've probably seen in the back of my videos. it's a work in progress. :) xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my favorite "go to" neutral palettes

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my favorite type of eyeshadows are neutral ones. various shades of browns and creams. i love them all. so when i see one in Sephora, Ulta, or the drugstore, i want my hands on them. with the amount of eyeshadows i own, you would think i have every single brown shade under the sun, but i don't care. you can never have enough. LOL

in today's video, i show you 6 palettes that i use on a regular basis. to be honest, i probably reach for 3 or 4 of them because they sit on my makeup table. i love the Hello Kitty "memoires of a kitty" palette, and i used it a bunch when i purchased it, but i only use it when i travel because the compact is small and doesn't take up much space in my makeup bag. the NYX palette is really nice, too, and i've traveled with it once already.

i have to say that both the Urban Decay NAKED palettes are my favorite as well as the Bare Minerals READY 4.0 "the truth" quad. i have a couple other neutral READY 2.0 duos, but they didn't fit in this video. ;) thanks for reading! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

one step forward

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so i admitted to my friends & family on Twitter that i have a YouTube channel and a new blog. it took a lot out of me to do that because i was afraid of the response. i've spent a huge chunk of my life online, but i never talked about it with anyone except those who stumbled upon me and with some really close friends (and my husband). nowadays, Facebook and Twitter are household words. however, to find out you make videos on YouTube? that's just a little weird (despite the millions of videos uploaded daily). i've only ever met someone in real life that made videos on YouTube and she was a makeup artist at a MAC counter.

anyway, i sent the tweets out and no one laughed at me or unfollowed me. in fact, i got a couple of subscribers out of it! yay! i figure, those YouTube "gurus" started out in the same boat with a handful of subscribers, and through their determination, they pulled through and are now celebrities in their own right. one day, i would love to have thousands of subscribers, but i'm truly thankful where i'm at right now. i recognized so many familiar names who subscribed to my new channel!

i had a YouTube channel previous to this one and i even made about 170+ videos and gained about 1400+ subscribers! i still can't believe that... i'm not even a makeup artist! i only really started dabbling in makeup in October 2008 (and made my first video in February 2009). towards the end of 2010, i started to get burnt out. i even invested in a very nice HD video camera in January 2011, but by that time, i was getting suffocated at work and so i stopped making videos as well. i finally quit my job in April 2011 and took a much needed break from everything. i spent quality time with my family & friends, went on vacation (several times), and took care of myself, my husband, and my house. it was rejuvenating!

so in short, i've turned over a new leaf in 2012 and getting back into my YouTube channel and blogging again. i'm having lots of fun playing around in iMovie and making videos about my favorite things... and i will film bare-faced if i want to! my goal is to upload a new video everyday in 2012 as well as post in my blog. i hope you don't mind if i talk about my dog! i think 2012 will be a blast! thanks for reading! xoxo Kathleen


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thanks for visiting my beauty blog! i'm still tweaking the layout, but i wanted to post just a little something on here to let you know where else you can find me. this blog will accompany my main hobby, which is my YouTube channel "prettydaysies". my goal is to publish a new video every single day in 2012.

on my blog, you'll find posts on the following:
. NOTD nail of the day
. OOTD/OOTN outfit of the day/night
. hauls
. additional information to accompany my videos
... and anything else that comes to mind!

i do not claim to be an expert in fashion, beauty, and skin care. i just want to share my favorites with you. :)

i hope you enjoy what you see, and thanks for visiting! xoxo Kathleen

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