Saturday, March 31, 2012

my Bare Escentuals makeup collection

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this has been the long awaited for collection video from me... to round out the month of March, i filmed my collection video of all my Bare Escentuals makeup! i must confess - i forgot to film where i store my brushes and my extras (and empties) but i mentioned that in the video and i'll show that to you eventually. i'm not too too crazy about their brushes and as for extras, they are just extras - which means i'm already using one of each!

so i hope you enjoyed this month-long series of videos featuring Bare Escentuals makeup. i had so much fun making these videos for you! don't worry - if you're a BE fangirl like me, there will be plenty more BE-centric videos to come. i have a lot of QVC auto-delivery kits coming my way as well as the launch of the BUXOM eyeshadow palettes coming in May. i want them all! LOL

however, i think it's time to mix things up a little and show what else i have in my makeup collection and use those products, too. i wish i only liked BE so i wouldn't be broke - LOL - but i like so many other makeup brands and they need love, too. i haven't really mapped out what i'm going to do in April, but most likely i'll go back to my makeup basket of the month (for the face mostly) and then sprinkle in eye makeup from other brands. Emily/emilynoel83 has a current series of one-brand tutorials and i might be able to do that, too. i just love her videos.

so if you have any requests, please leave them in the comments section of the videos themselves. again, i'm not a makeup artist so i can't do extravagant looks and things like that, but i can try to come up with looks that suit me. you can always adapt the products i use in the videos to your liking and your methods. so thanks again to all my friends, subscribers, and lurkers (LOL) for watching my videos. you girls (and guys?) are the BEST! here's to more videos! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, March 30, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell ocean blue/green eyes

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awww! my last FOTD in March! i can't believe i did it! i used and featured Bare Escentuals makeup all month long. tomorrow will be the last major BE video showcasing my collection of all my Bare Minerals makeup. i'm excited and scared at the same time to show you... simply because i haven't shown anyone how much makeup i have and how you'd react to how much makeup i own. i love watching collection videos like the next beauty YouTuber but sometimes you get negative feedback. so you have to keep in mind that i have been building my makeup collection since October 2008, so nearly 4 years.

i also had a job as well so i had money coming in to spend on my makeup collection. some people just don't realize that. if you love something a lot, you tend to spend more money on it than other things. anyway, i don't have to justify what i spend my money on to you because i know you understand. most likely, you wouldn't be reading my blog if you didn't already watch my videos. and because of that, i don't think i have anyone watching me that is overly critical either. i don't know if that make sense but in the end, we all love makeup, right?

so i hope you continue to stick around and keep on watching. making these videos are a lot of fun for me. even if i'm not an expert, not a makeup artist, i just like to share what i've learned and hopefully you learn something new, too. thanks for reading and watching! i appreciate it! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, March 29, 2012

what's in my stash? BUXOM lip glosses volume 2

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yes, i did have MORE lip glosses! LOL your eyes will probably bug out of your head while watching this video. i just love BUXOM lip glosses!

we're on the homestretch! two more days to go and then it's April! i can't wait! oh, btw, do you like my lip gloss color? i think these types of reds look good on me. it's not too orangey red or pinky red. it's more of a bluey red or even a purpley red. i would like to find a lip color that is closer to red itself. i just have to keep shopping my stash. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what's in my stash? BUXOM lip glosses

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today just got away from me! i had lunch with my husband and then had to go grocery shopping. then when i got home, i wanted to FaceTime with my sister and my toddler niece (newborn niece was sleeping) and by the time we were done, it was almost time to pick up my husband from work. so i uploaded this Buxom lipgloss video from 10/1/2010 today. wow! i hardly had any at that time! LOL i probably have 3-4 times more in my collection since then.

i will show the rest of my Buxom lip glosses in a future video so you can see the complete collection.

i must confess and cheated a bit by wearing Revlon's Cherries in the Snow today... i bought it at the grocery store (on a whim) and wore it the rest of the afternoon (and promptly ate it all off while having dinner). OMG, what a bold color! it's not really red. it's got a lot of blue in it so it almost looks fuchsia but not like a pink fuchsia but more of a blue fuchsia. oh man... i suck at describing colors! well, i've seen blue-based reds, but this is not like it. it's a unique color and it's really pretty but i'm not sure it looks good on me. i took some pictures, but i had nothing else on my face. however, i think it looked good when i was wearing sunglasses. LOL we'll see... i just have to keep on trying! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell shimmery coral eyes

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just another simple look... i'm all about simple looks because when i create a look like this, i'm just going to go out afterwards to pick up my hubby from work or run a few errands. when i picked him up today, he actually said, "you look nice today!" i think it was because of my blouse, but it was a nice compliment and i'll take it! LOL (normally, he's exhausted and just wants to go home and have dinner and relax.)

i did find a necklace older from TJMaxx/HomeGoods and i'm so happy! all my necklaces fit (except one that has a very long chain) and now it's prominently displayed above all my white makeup cubes. i don't have to worry about kicking the bulletin board anymore! it was really a pain to pick up all the necklaces that fell on the floor because i was always worried they would get tangled (which some of them did).

i also picked up a few more organizational items for my makeup table and it really cleared up a lot of space. i really liked the pink tray with 9 sections that i found in the baby section. it really cleared up a lot of containers that i had all over my table that was used for eyeliners and other stick items. i'll show everything when i am ready to film my makeup table. so that's about it for today! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, March 26, 2012

what's to come to my channel!

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so i basically recapped my blog post about my meetup with Yun/beautybijouxfashion in a video and i also showed the few things i picked up while we were shopping, and talked about what's to come to my channel... so while i'm going to miss making daily videos about Bare Escentuals products, i will STILL continue to make videos using BE but i will do them about once to twice a week. i just gotta! LOL i love their products SO much that i have to keep showing them in my videos. so you won't be disappointed as there will be something for everyone. yay!

then in April, i will be uploading some of my pre-recorded videos of hauls and tags while i'm going on vacation. i will also venture off to the other brands in my collection. i am excited to pull out my other favorites, too. i'm currently going through my nail polish collection and pulling out my favorite ones to wear in the spring! i still need to fulfill a request for spring/coral/peach lipsticks and blushes, too. that's going to take me a bit longer to accomplish because i like everything and i have a lot of stuff and i don't really reach for the same stuff over and over... that's why i can never make a favorites video! LOL

so i can't wait to make these videos for you! i am having way to much fun... and if i haven't said it enough, i thank you so much for watching and commenting. you guys complete me! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, March 25, 2012

OOTD & bareMinerals FOTD & meeting a beauty YTer

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OMG i had the most fun i've ever had in such a long time. i finally got to meet Yun/beautybijouxfashion today and we went to the mall and met up at Sephora. we also had coffee at Starbucks and browsed clothing at LOFT and H&M and picked up some goodies at MAC (i backed to MAC 12 empties and got 2 lipsticks.). i swear we could've hung out and talked for twice the amount of time, but we both had to go home to our hubbies who were both cooking dinner for us (separately).

anyway, it's been a while since i met someone who had similar tastes as me... like makeup! i mean, i have a few girlfriends who like makeup, but they hardly wear any or they just stick to a handful of brands and so it's hard for me to talk to them about those things. so it was so nice to find someone who has the same addiction to YouTube as i do. LOL

now i didn't know that she lived near me until i watched some of her older videos... and when she mentioned it, it got me curious! i mean, i've met a lot of people in person after only knowing them from Twitter and blogs. i've made lots of great friends that way. nowadays (if you're already out of school), i think sometimes it's almost the best way to meet people because you already have some kind of common interest. when i moved here, i didn't know anyone except for my friend C that i used to work work with. when we moved into our house, i became friends with my neighbors. then i went to a WordPress WordCamp in March 2008 and met a bunch more people from Twitter who were also bloggers. then i went to a few more Twitter "tweetups" and met some more people. other than those events, it was very difficult for me to befriend anyone because i worked from home instead of working in an office.

since i restarted my YT channel, i made it a point to keep up with my comments so i can get to know the girls who watch my videos. i kind of regret not informing my subbies from my old channel from time to time so they could follow me on my new YT channel because i know i lost some frequent viewers. oh, well... this time, i'm doing better and hope to make more friends along the way... like Yun! it was just so awesome how we simply hit it off immediately. it was like talking to a long-time friend... all thanks to YouTube! it's really a fabulous community! i'm very thankful... xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, March 24, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD & a tiny Sephora haul

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just uploaded a short video for you today...

i don't really go to Sephora much anymore because i normally buy online... today, i only bought 2 things and was happy with my purchase. i did go to Ulta and Old Navy as well, but you'll see those hauls in future videos. wow... i have a lot of pre-recorded videos and they're almost all hauls! oops. LOL (well, they're easy to do and you do what you can...)

tomorrow, i'm meeting another beauty YouTuber for the first time and i'm excited! we're going to meet up at Sephora. i don't know if i should vlog any of it... most likely not because i am not comfortable talking to my phone when i'm holding my phone in front of my face. i don't know. we're going to chit-chat over coffee and also shop around. i can't wait! i wish some of my friends were into makeup as much as me. i always seem to be the odd man out when it comes to hobbies. oh, well! that's what YouTube is for, right? xoxo Kathleen

Friday, March 23, 2012

running errands FOTD

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when it came time to film a video today, i totally blanked out! i keep a list of ideas and i just didn't want to do any of them! so i kinda copped out and did a FOTD (face of the day) and had a little chat. at least i put on makeup today! i was on FaceTime with my neighbor and while i was catching her up on what's been going on with me, it gave me time to "put on my face" as i'd like to call it.

tomorrow i should have something more substantial as i did damage today shopping and so i don't need to go out again and spend more money. i've already gotten a lot of looks from my husband. LOL i have quite a stash of pre-recorded videos to upload in April! i'm kind of excited because while i absolutely love making videos this time around, i need a little bit of a break. i'm not burnt out or anything... but i need some time to come up with ideas and looks for future videos! most likely i'll film a few videos while i'm out of town and also while i'm uploading these pre-recorded videos even when i'm at home.

i hope you have a great Friday and weekend! i'll see y'all tomorrow. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, March 22, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell a soft purple look

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so YouTube did change their video manager because when i uploaded today's video, there is no mention on how much percentage has been uploaded. that totally irks me because i usually shut off my iMac when i'm not using it and i don't want to sit in my office waiting for the upload to finish. i know i can go back to the older upload manager, and i might just do that tomorrow.

so today i made a video based on the eye shadow colors that Lisa/lisaeckman27 said she had in her collection. i think it came out nicely and fits well with something you'd wear during the spring. i hope she likes this look! i am also loving that i don't have to use a lot of summer bisque (concealer). when i was putting on my foundation, it really covered up my spots! of course, i hate the new spots that came up, but at least my super old ones are finally on their way out. i just want my cheeks to be clear of spots (as well as under my nose). it's what you see first when you look at me.

i got some more packages in the mail today and i'll film them in separate hauls tomorrow. i already have 5 re-recorded videos to upload in April when i go out of town. i'm excited to share those videos with you! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bare Escentuals Haul (from Sephora and Ulta)

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did the video manager change today? it looks slightly different and the thumbnails are taking a while to be generated... why does YouTube always change things that ain't broken?!?!

so i filmed another haul video today and it'll be uploaded sometime in April, and in the video i mention that i was no longer on Project Pan or No Buy. well, i am still on Project Pan because i still want to use up certain product, but it's more than obvious that i'm no longer on No Buy. it's just hard to commit to when you watch YouTub beauty videos ALL DAY LONG! LOL i will say that i have definitely cut back. a few years ago (even last year) my spending habits were insane when it came to shopping for makeup and clothes. this year, i've definitely cut back on clothes and makeup. there's so much more that i want to buy but i'm holding off because i am trying to be more mindful of what i'm buying. of course, 12 nail polishes don't really fit in the "be more mindful" category. i don't know. it's just hard to say no!

at least, i'm not buying high-end makeup. i would love to own anything from Chanel or Dior or YSL or anything like that, but i just feel that the price of one Chanel palette can't be justified... especially if i won't use it every single day. like a price of an Urban Decay NAKED palette can be justified. 12 colors, all neutrals, full size shadows, for $40-something. one Chanel palette is like $50-something and you get like 4-5 colors. i don't know. i know it's luxurious to own, but i would be afraid to use it! and with that mindset, this $50 palette just sits there.

i would much rather spend $50 on something that i will use every single day like a makeup brush, but even so, i can't justify spending that much money on one brush! as long as you take care of your brushes, the cheapest ones can last you for years. maybe once i start working... well, nah... i still can't justify spending that much money on anything... except for shoes or purses. LOL

okay, that's enough rambling for tonight. i'll be back tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell and just lots of chit-chat

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it's been a while since i made one of these videos... so that's why it's such a long video. LOL

i just love watching videos like these... because you get to be natural and just speak your mind and talk off the cuff... i learn way more about the YouTuber this way! i wish more YouTubers did this... xoxo Kathleen

Monday, March 19, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals Pretty Amazing lip colors & lipglosses

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these are the new (well, sorta new) lip products that Bare Escentuals released in the past few months. i first received "rouge" or "bravado" as it's now called in the stores with a QVC Today's Special Value (TSV) last year and i accumulated 20 of them! i didn't get them all at once and i believe i've only bought a few of them off QVC when they released them as sets of 2, and because of that, i have duplicates of a couple of them since they also came in future sets.

when they released the lip glosses (which i had no idea they were going to do), i fell in love with this formula! the lip colors are nice, but they're a bit too rich for my taste and style. i find that you have to be rather light handed when applying the lip colors because they really cover your lips. i like full coverage, but i find the lip colors to be a bit too thick. that's why i was so excited to get a lipgloss in a kit! the feel of the lipglosses are really nice (and pretty! LOL) on my lips. i reach for them more than the lip colors, but i still like the lip colors, too. the one i'm wearing "confidence" is a nice, everyday berry color. it's been a few hours since i put it on and it's still on my lips (but it has transfered a bit to my glass). so it definitely has staying power! no need to constantly reapply! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a quick "get out the door" look using only bareMinerals

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while i was chatting with my friend (the one who got married on Leap Day), she was telling me she wanted to start wearing makeup to work and wanted to know what she should do since she said she values sleep more than looking good. LOL i told her that she should wear mascara and blush... and then it gave me a good idea to make today's video because i don't think i had done one like this before...

i could've done without using foundation but some new friends popped up on my chin and even though they are going away, they left behind a reminder that they were there (spots!). and since i'm catching them before they get super huge, the spots aren't very dark (and also because i'm not picking at them) and the golden medium foundation is working very well at covering them up. so i'm happy about that!

so i hope this helps some of you if you were looking for a quick look to get out the door. xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell my St. Patrick's Day look

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so this look is the last one in my series of looks from The Women of B.E. Collection.

i only wore this look for a few hours but know me and my oily lids, it didn't crease on me AND my liner on my waterline didn't travel! i was shocked and very happy! i really liked the emerald green eyeliner (oz) on my waterline. i really need to wear more colored liners on my waterline!

i think i'm going to pull shadows from the Year of Beauty. i should've already done that, at least once a month, to cover each month, and i think i'm going to do that. so you might see one more green look this month because the March color is a pretty light green. so i hope you stay tuned! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, March 16, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell shimmery pink & purple eyes

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i came up with another look from The Women of B.E. Collection! it's shimmery and so pretty! i love it!

i think tomorrow i'll use this box of shadows once more because there are some really pretty greens in here and it's also St. Patrick's Day! i can't wait to show you this cute shirt my hubby got for me.

as a side note, i put up a talking video (not a text video) on my old YT channel explaining my move and i got a whole bunch of new subbies on my new channel! thanks everyone! i wish i was back to my subbie count before i opened this one, but i know it takes time.

i've also been chatting with Yun/beautybijouxfashion on Twitter and we're going to meet in person! i'm so happy to finally meet someone in the YouTube beauty community that lives near me. maybe i'll venture in some high-end makeup brands. one thing about restarting my YouTube videos is that i'm now watching videos about high-end makeup brands that i only dream to have in my collection! i don't think i should tell my husband... xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell The Women of B.E. Collection

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i enjoyed making this look for y'all! thank you for the idea, MissLoveBE! :)

i left the box of shadows on my desk and i think i'll make another look from the shadows tomorrow. i'm feeling a pink look coming on... maybe a coral & pink look. and then i'll probably do another green look on St. Patrick's Day itself. i have a cute shirt to wear that day, too. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell smokey grey/silver

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i was in a grey mood today (to match the skies) and i pulled out a few colors i hadn't even used before. the look ended up being more silver than grey, but it came out nice nonetheless.

i really, really liked the lip balm i used today! it is a very nice deep berry color. i Googled searched and they came out with these lip balms years ago but i guess i missed out on these. there are also no other new colors coming out or for sale. (i don't buy makeup off Ebay.) that's okay... i don't really buy lip balms and have way too many other lip products to go through anyway.

i need to do a spring look! i think i'm going to pick colors from the Women of BE collection. a subbie suggested it so i think i'm going to come up with a spring look from this collection. it'll be fun! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals 100% natural mineral lipsticks

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when i started out with bareMinerals years ago, i started with their lipsticks. my very first color was "dubonnet" and i still have it! i don't use it anymore as it smells like old lady lipsticks from the 90s (which is probably when i bought it)... but i just save it just in case i want to buy it again. i really don't need to save it as i keep a spreadsheet of all the makeup i own (and even notate the makeup i've thrown away or given away). yeah, i'm a little nuts about keeping track.

anyway, "dubonnet" was not the first lipstick i ever bought... i know i bought a lot of drugstore lipsticks (like Cover Girl or L'Oreal or Maybelline) before i bought one that was more than $10. at least i think it was more than $10. but i do know that i bought a lot of dark lipsticks back then... like in the raisin color family. i have no idea why! those colors don't look good on me. LOL

anyway, i hope you're not getting tired of watching these videos. i have been pre-recording some haul videos for April. i just needed to get those done so i can record my initial reaction. i'm sure you're all waiting for those videos. hehe. xoxo Kathleen

Monday, March 12, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell subtle greens for St. Patrick's Day

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i've been seeing quite a few St. Patrick's Day tutorials show up in my subscriptions so i thought i would contribute to the bunch! however, i don't think bright greens look good on me so i opted to do a more subtle look.

i hope you like it! i actually just grabbed the colors like 10 minutes before i started filming. i never plan too far ahead because sometimes that deters me from making a video. so if i just fly by the seat of my pants, my videos feel more natural. at least that makes sense to me.

so i'm listening to The Hunger Games audio book and i'm already halfway done. it's a bit over 11 hours long and now i have 5 hours left to listen. i almost stopped listening because i get so distracted with everything else and then i pause the book a lot. even though the movie doesn't come out until the 23rd, i decided to "read" the book before the movie comes out. i hear it's pretty close to the book. i read all the books before the Twilight movies came out and then i reread them before the next one came out. the only one i skipped was Breaking Dawn. i don't know. i just couldn't be bothered to reread it. i do find The Hunger Games to move rather slowly. most likely it's because i'm listening and not reading. i definitely read books much faster than listening to them. i'm probably not going to watch the movie at midnight. i'll probably watch it about 2 weeks later when the hype dies down. xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, March 11, 2012

bareMinerals purples

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another video from the vault! this one is just shy of 3 years old. wow! if i continued making videos instead of taking a break, who knows how many videos i would've made! these old videos just crack me up.

tomorrow, i'll be back with new videos. i just needed to take this weekend off to get over the last hump of this sickness. also, my lips have been extremely dry the past few days. i basically have to slather on my EOS lip balm every 5 minutes. i think they're due to allergies, which i never had until i moved here. the weather has also been so wonky... the past couple days it never went above the mid-40s. it's currently 53 right now. i guess winter is rearing its ugly head one last time. i'm really for it to be warm. xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, March 10, 2012

bareMinerals Canary Diamond set

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so i said i was going to make new videos this weekend, but the weather is so crappy and grey and gloomy  that i just didn't feel like it... so i reached into my vault and uploaded one that i made 2 years ago on February 23rd, 2010. it's pretty funny that i happen to have a cold in this video... i seem to always get sick around this time of the year.

i might upload another old video tomorrow... i just want to spend this weekend recovering the last bit of this sickness. thanks for watching! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, March 9, 2012

look at what i got! bareMinerals Return to Radiance kit

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i finally received my kit from QVC! i am so happy to finally own a pressed blush from Bare Escentuals! it's so pretty... it kind of reminds me of Orgasm from NARS but i don't own any NARS blushes... i'm just going by the many swatches and appearances it has made in so many beauty videos.

i absolutely love the Marvelous Moxie lip glosses! i love the tingle and they're not over-the-top tingle like with the BUXOMs (and i like those lip glosses as well). i'll be getting 2 more from auto-delivery with this kit and then 4 more with the other auto-delivery kit. so many new BE kits coming my way! yay!

after lunch today, i went to Sephora to try and find the eyebrow pencils from BE but they were no where to be found. i think they may only be available on QVC... not sure. i also looked at the BUXOM True Hue blushes (i only own one at the moment) but i didn't pick up any. also, they have the new lip creams and i really wanted to get one but they were out of the color that i wanted. so i came away from today's shopping trip with nothing. i think that's really good will power, if you ask me. i know that i do not need to buy any of the Marvelous Moxie lip glosses because the colors i'm getting in future QVC kits are part of the permanent line and i don't need doubles. i don't think i would ever finish a lip gloss (or a lipstick) ever in my entire life. well, i take that back... back in the day, when i had like 1/100th of this collection, i actually used up my makeup to the point that the sponge tip applicator was all messed up and the eyeshadows and blushes crumbled. wow. i don't think i could ever do that anymore. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, March 8, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals High Shine eyecolor

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i had forgotten about these shadows in my collection! i even forgot to mention 2 of them (in pots) in the video as well. i remember getting them for the first time and the sales associate at the boutique had the teal one on her eyes and they were SO PRETTY.

they do have some fallout during application so just remember to sweep it away before you finish off your face or before you apply foundation. however, when you apply these shadows, they go on so smoothly and they're not chunky at all. they remind me of the MAC crushed metal pigments actually. i don't own any but i've seen them swatched and they are very similar.

i also actually like the sponge tip applicator. while the packaging/container is less to be desired, you really don't need a lot at all. really, a little bit goes a long way. i probably should've used one of the darker shades to really show off its pigmentation. i hope to incorporate one or two of these shades in an upcoming show & tell video.

 i also received the newest Bare Escentuals kit from QVC today! so i can't wait to test out the golden medium foundation and the rest of the products. that'll be coming up tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

bareMinerals foundation application

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just a quick video of how i apply the bareMinerals foundation. i'm currently using up the matte foundation but i also like the original. i have several full containers of the original foundation still in my stash, but when i get the golden medium (i'm currently using medium beige) next week, i will switch to that. i think it's going to be a better match for my skin. if i want to make it lighter, i can always mix in a bit of medium beige.

don't you just love these thumbnails? LOL anyway, this was a pretty straight-forward video! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals stick eyeliners

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you guys aren't tired of these bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals videos yet, are you? LOL i'm enjoying making them because it gives me a chance to look at what started my makeup obsession in October 2008.

i forgot to mention in the video that the Big & Bright eyeliners, the retractable ones, are designed to make the whites of your eyes "big & bright." i immediately noticed that effect when i tried Intense Black for the first time. it was pretty neat, actually! however, i don't like rimming my entire eye in black. i'd rather do it in a brown/black mix so it's not so intense. even though i did that yesterday, it's not what i do on a regular basis. maybe if i stopped about 1/3rd in (from the outer corner) so it doesn't close off my entire eye... but my instinct is to rim the whole thing so that's why i don't reach for the black eyeliners (even though i own an embarrassingly huge amount of them).

anyway, i need to come up with a topic to talk about tomorrow! gotta brainstorm! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, March 5, 2012

what's in my stash? bareMinerals PRIME TIME primer shadows

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i think these PRIME TIME primer shadows are just as good as the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr or Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows. there are a lot more colors out there than i have (and i hope to collect them all!) and they go on just as smoothly and easily as any other potted or stick cream shadow.

i should also tell you that it took me a while to take off this eye makeup! LOL i mentioned this before but i don't really like wearing really black eyeliner because it just closes off my already-small eyes... but i wore it today - just because - and when it came time to remove it with Bioderma, i actually had to use TWO cotton pads instead of the usual one. talk about waterproof eyeliner! i will be featuring this eyeliner in an upcoming video - hopefully this week - before i go out of town.

speaking of going out of town, you'll get a kick out of the videos i'm going to upload. i watched the five that i found and i just cracked myself up listening to myself and watching how i edited the videos. wow. i wasn't very informal back then. i was just all business. LOL it's nice to see that i'm a bit more relaxed now... i like the way that i come across in these videos nowadays. i guess it's because i'm more comfortable in front of the camera than before... then again, the videos i'm uploading were recorded in 2009. oh, and even though i said that i wasn't going to mix in other makeup brands, obviously you'll see that in these oldies but goodies other makeup brands show up, but more than half of the products used will be from bareMinerals. i hope you don't mind! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, March 4, 2012

my Bare Escentuals box of inspiration

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i sort of struggled on what type of video to make today... which is rather ironic (is that the correct word?) that i had just made this box of inspiration from the inserts in all the Bare Escentuals kits and collections i purchased over the past few years.

as i was making the video, i mentioned that i was wondering what to do with the boxes in my closet. what i think i will do is take pictures of all the boxes and then if i come across one with steps for a look, i will cut them out and put them in my inspiration box. yeah, i think i'm going to do that! LOL xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, March 3, 2012

FOTD featuring RSVP collection from Bare Escentuals

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here's a sped-up, non-talking video showing you how i used the products from the Bare Escentuals kit RSVP that i bought online. it's been a while since i made one of these so i had fun doing this for you.

one thing i noticed is that i really need to work on my eyebrows! LOL they were so scraggly in the video. Judy/itsjudytime showed a pair of eyebrow scissors/comb in her latest eyebrow tutorial that i want! she bought it in Japan but i read in the comments that you can buy it at Sally Beauty Supply. so the next time i  go out, i'm going to hunt this down. i've watched many eyebrow tutorials, but i think Judy's video was the best one and the easiest one i could follow.
i like Judy's tutorials because i'd like to think we have the same type of eyelid, but i think she has a different eye shape. anyway, i just think she's gorgeous and her skin is flawless. so i hope you enjoy my video! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, March 2, 2012

another quick FOTD - March 2nd

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i feel like i gypped you guys with today's video. i had all intentions to share my bareMinerals eyeliner collection and i did record it, but when i watched it back, it was just rubbish. so i'm going to re-film it when i'm not coughing every 5 minutes.

also, i can't wait until the golden medium foundation comes in because i really think medium beige doesn't work for me. i can tell from the video that my face is lighter than my neck. i could just be the lighting because i'm just using natural light, but i don't know... i also wonder what concealer i'm going to get with this Friday's TSV (today's special value) on QVC. i had honey bisque, but i think i gave it away to my neighbor. summer bisque is too light for me... i think you can tell with the light patches on my face.

on the upside, i went out for sushi and brought it home. i have just been craving it since i got sick. i only ate the carbless roll (no rice, just wrapped in cucumber) and only ate a bit of my udon soup. i'll be having the soup for dinner. anyway, you won't have to wait long for the eyeliner video. i'll be making it within the next few days. thanks again for your patience. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FOTD featuring bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals (and a small CVS haul)

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so this is what i have planned for March... to use all my bareMinerals / Bare Escentuals makeup. i will not be mixing in any other brands. i think i can do it all 31 days. of course, i probably won't wear makeup all 31 days because i might not be in the mood, but i'll try my best. at least i'm feeling well enough to put makeup on myself again. i've had no energy the past few days because of being sick. i actually had to get out of the house this morning to put money in the bank to cover and overdraft because i paid a credit card using the wrong bank account (thus overdrawing it) and then it started incurring insufficient fund fees ($5/day). i received something in the mail from my bank but never opened it and it didn't dawn on me when i tried to pay for Starbucks with my debit card and it was denied. i thought the magnetic strip was dead. at least it's fixed now. i just feel so dumb for letting that happen.

anyway, i hope you'll enjoy this month's videos. even though i'll be using only Bare Escentuals makeup, you can most likely adopt these looks with what you have in your stash. i'll try to come up with dupes as well to help you along. if you know of anyone who likes Bare Escentuals makeup, please send them my way. i hope they'll like what they see. xoxo Kathleen

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