Sunday, April 29, 2012

what's in my stash? Clinique lipsticks & lip glosses

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yay! my last pre-recorded video from March... i have about 7 left to go that i pre-recorded this month...

i don't have a lot of beauty-related tidbits to share with you today... i've been rather distracted because i just watched the live webcast of NKOTBSB on-line! yep, for $4.99, you could watch their concert from the O2 arena in London, England, UK! i've been to two of their concerts last summer so i've been really jonesing for a fix! since i am not going on this year's cruise or their Mixtape Festival in August (in Hershey, PA), this was the next best thing.

OMG what a great concert! Livebeats hosted the webcast and their camera positions were excellent as well as the audio! the stream didn't freeze up at all during the concert! NKOTB had a webcast a few years ago from Dallas (or Houston) and i didn't even know about it! so when i had the opportunity to watch it this time, i couldn't pass it up! i mean for only $4.99 you could forego a Starbucks for one day, right? it was just like being there but higher up and in their faces. since i'm so short, i had to peer over the heads of the people around me and that made it very annoying and uncomfortable for me. so this was just so excellent! plus, you didn't have to hear all that screaming. i mean you could hear it, but it wasn't as loud as their singing. i actually pulled out my video camera and taped the whole thing! i skipped the intro (which is the best) and part of "Summertime" but i got the rest. as i'm writing this post, i'm watching it back. you can tell i was recording it off my monitor as you can see dust particles skewing some of the screen (not bad at all) and you can hear me clicking my mouse! HAHA i was tweeting with my girlfriends who went to the concert with me.

during the concert, they shared some secrets with us... no new NKOTB news, but new BSB news! they are going to record their new album in July... Kevin Richardson is coming back (after a long haitus)... and AJ is going to be a dad! that's awesome! okay, enough rambling about my long-time obsession... i had so much fun watching it! it couldn't have been better than that... except if i could go on the cruise this year. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, April 28, 2012

birthday party OOTD & FOTD

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i really need to figure out how to do an outfit of the day in proper lighting so you can see my clothes (and not my dusty mirror) and my face of the day, too.

if i aim my iPhone at myself so that i'm looking at myself in the phone, i feel like the phone is too shaky and i find myself out of frame all the time. i should just use my video camera but there is not a lot of room behind my makeup table and i find myself backing up against the closet door. i know i can reposition my camera, but i don't want the background to be so busy. i'll figure it out. xoxo Kathleen

what's in my bag? volume 2!

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i absolutely love this bag! it fits everything i need without it getting bulky or getting things lost. i've been to the same mall since i bought this Coach purse and i didn't go in! yay, me! i have a handful of Coach purses but they are too small to really fit anything, so i only use them when i'm on "date night" with the hubby or going to a party (which is a rare occurrence). LOL

i won't be buying anymore purses anytime soon because i think i have enough and because i don't need anymore. i'm working on building up my Clarks shoe collection with the money i would've spent on purses. speaking of Clarks, i have two more pairs of sandals coming my way! i have an addiction! LOL

i've been using this bag solely since i recorded this video... but when i go on vacation, i might switch it up with my white Tignanello one because i call it my spring/summer bag... it's huge! i have a pewter cross-body bag that i might bright with me, too... i don't know. i haven't started planning on what to bring with me yet. our tickets haven't been purchased so once they are, i will be in packing mode! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, April 27, 2012

on the go: FOTD, OOTD, a haul from Dillard's, Bath & Body Works, Bare Escentuals, and many thanks

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these car vlogs are so much fun to do, but when you're talking to yourself, in your car, i sometimes get tongue-tied and repeat myself! LOL

i need to wrap the birthday present and also check to see when the party is. we're going to the Science museum. i don't think i've been to the one here before. i've been to the Houston Science museum many, many times when i was younger.

so i still didn't get my haircut... somedays i like it long and straight and then somedays i just want to cut it all off. i just want to grow out my bangs! when i comb my bangs down straight, it goes past my nose, but when i sweep them to the side, they are still too short to tuck behind my ears. i think i'll cut my hair before our vacation in May.

i hope you all had a great end of the week. i'll be back tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

look at what i got! tarte's The Miracle of Maracuja Skin Smart Collection from QVC

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another pre-recorded video, but it, too, was over a month old. i can finally use this kit! LOL

just kidding... i could've used this kit already, but i completely forgot about it! oh the woes of having too much makeup. geez Louise! i really need to pare down my collection. i found a bunch of gel eyeliners that i got from Coastal Scents that have completely dried up. i didn't even use them! i think it was because the cap was plastic and even while i thought the caps were tightly screwed on, air still managed to leak inside. it doesn't matter to me anyway... i have lots of eyeliner pencils and potted eyeliners that i like to use more. the ones from CS are probably not salvageable anyway so i'll just toss them when i remember to do it.

question, though... i can't remember if i mentioned this in the video, but what can you do with the maracuja oil other than use it as a moisturizer on your face? can you use it in your hair? i really liked using the Josie Maran argan oil in my hair. i guess i can just Google it. it does smell good! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

FOTD show & tell featuring bareMinerals rose gold high shine eyecolor

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i took about 3 hours to film, import, and edit both videos today. this didn't even include exporting the videos prior to upload. well, i took a short break in between to FaceTime with my youngest sister and 9-month old niece.

i don't know why it took this long to use these high shine eyecolors! they are so pretty! i remember walking into the boutique to see them and one of the girls showed me how she applied them and i was amazed at how her eyeshadow looked. i took the easy way out in this video and only used one color, but i will use two or more in a future video. i picked up all the brochures that were displayed with these eyecolors because i knew that i would need some inspiration.

these high shine eyecolors have a LOT of fallout! as i was watching the video back while i was editing, i could see that they were all over my eyelashes and then they fell on my lower lash line, too. it wasn't difficult to remove, but fallout is really not a pretty sight. it's a good thing this color wasn't so dark otherwise it would look like i got punched in the face! LOL i hope you like today's look! xoxo Kathleen

bareMinerals foundation routine using realTechniques brushes

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this was a requested video because i mentioned that i used the realTechniques brushes to apply the bareMinerals foundation... so i decided to include it in today's video, since it's Thursday after all.

i really love these brushes! they clean so well (even spot-cleaning) and deep clean even better. YT subbie MyEricBana (cute name) commented on that video saying that she uses the Everyday Minerals brushes. i totally forgot i had them and thing is, i have so many of them! they were the first makeup brand, that i know of, that came out synthetic brushes like these. i mean, even before the precision kabuki set from Sigma Makeup. i need to pull those EDM brushes out and show them in a video because they are very good brushes, too. on that note, i need to start incorporating my EDM eye shadows into upcoming looks, too, because they are really pretty... and the company is based in Austin! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

collective haul! Sally Beauty Supply, Walgreens, Ulta (Hunger Games polishes)

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this is another pre-recorded video from March... i'm going to try to upload the rest of the videos that i recorded in March really soon because they're already over a month old! yikes! this is what happens when i record too many videos at once and then only upload once a day. i just don't want to spam your subscription box!

after this video, i think i've only purchased 2 more nail polishes in the last month... can you believe that? i believe i already showed them, but i might not have... i can't remember what videos have already been recorded and not uploaded... so you'll eventually see them... and the only new nail polishes i'll purchase will be the ones from Hello Kitty at Sephora and possibly any high end dupes from Revlon. Revlon is so good at releasing dupes! i think i have 4 of them already but not all of them...

but yeah, this was my last biggest nail polish haul... no more hauling like this! the last makeup item i purchased was on the 16th and it was one of the L'Oreal Infallible cream eyeshadows (the black sparkly one). i'm dying to get my hands on the eleventhgorgeous Palladio lipgloss but the last time i checked my local Sally Beauty Supply, they didn't have it. i haven't checked ULTA either... but at least i'm being upfront on what i'm looking to buy... and not just buying in bulk. LOL (that's how i'm justifying my future purchases.) let's see how long that goes... xoxo Kathleen

post-weekend update

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so i did good this time around and did not go shopping for clothes or makeup!

i'm really trying to stick to my plan of not going shopping for clothes or makeup until we go on our longer vacation next month. i only have to hold out until the 19th of May! i think i can do it...

i will also film a "what's in my travel makeup bag" for when we go on that longer vacation because most likely i'll take different items and more of it.

i did good this time, as well, with using all the makeup that i brought with me, except for a couple of things. one was a lip balm and the other was a lip pencil. i didn't really count the lip products i had in my purse because i always switch those out, but during this trip, i didn't even reach for them because i was too busy playing with my nieces and hanging out with my family. i didn't even reapply any lipstick... except for maybe once or twice... which is actually more than what i do on a regular basis.

i'm finally caught up with my blogposts for my videos! sorry for spamming your feeds... i just needed to complete it! thanks for reading... xoxo Kathleen

on the go: FOTD, Buc-ee's, and picking up the Boo

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this video was fun to make and almost a little intimidating! LOL i've never filmed inside a store before since i started making videos this time around...

i really wanted to take you into a Texas store and what better store than Buc-ee's! there are smaller locations than this one, but i wanted to show you the biggest one that attracts the most people. it's a popular stopover for folks who are travelling between Dallas and Houston and any town in between. it's located in Madisonville, which always gets a kick out of me because my dog's name is part of the town's name.

this was also the first time i ever did a voice-over in a video! i didn't know how anyone else did it so i just experimented it. the microphone from my iMac made me sound like i was in a tunnel. then i realized that my webcam was still plugged in (and the webcam has a microphone, too) and after i unplugged it and recorded my voice again, there was no change. after about 7 attempts, i decided to pull out my iPhone earbuds from my purse and use that. and VOILA, it worked! i had to rerecord my voice two more times because i was speaking too close to the microphone. once i got it to sound correctly, that last try is the one you hear in the video. i might get a USB microphone from Fry's so i can just leave it on my desk... but now i know how to do a proper voice-over!

i mentioned this in the car vlog when i took the dog to the kennel the first time and when we picked her up and took her home, she did bark a little and some of her voice was gone... it sounds so funny! she just has to bark when there is someone outside. at least she's good at alerting us when there is someone walking in front of the house. then for the rest of the day, she passed out. xoxo Kathleen

FOTD & OOTD April 22nd

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i filmed this at my parents' house, in my youngest sister's bathroom. i thought it would be nice to show you what i had on today because i quite liked the outfit i put together!

it was not as cool outside as it was the day before but i still wore my white cardigan which is like a million years old from The Gap. i have a black one just like it and i think the dog ripped a hole in it. anyway, i really liked the tank top, and honestly, i almost thought it was "grandma-like" because of the pattern, but it isn't. LOL i don't have many tank tops like these because i tend to gravitate to solids and stripes. at least i was able to make it work! otherwise, it would've probably sat in my closet with the tags on. (i have a lot of clothes still with their tags... how sad!) ugh... looking at this video, i desperately need a haircut! xoxo Kathleen

realTechniques brush haul

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i finally picked up a bunch of realTechniques brushes at an Ulta about 10 miles from my house because the one less than a mile from my house is ALWAYS OUT of these brushes. i hate going to that Ulta because they never stock their shelves.

i will be doing a full "what's in my stash" realTechniques collection video because i bought all these brushes over 3-4 shopping trips and some of you are new to my videos and have asked if i bought this brush or that brush and i just want to make a collection video so you can see what i have and how i use them. i just love these brushes! they wash so easily and dry quickly and they're simply fab! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my favorite nail polishes for spring & summer

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i could probably do a part 2 or 3 to this video... i realize i left out a bunch of colors! maybe i'll do another one of these when summer rolls around...

i have been rotating through these colors... changing my polish up every few days. i do give my nails a break in between color changes. i'm enjoying these colors a lot! xoxo Kathleen

what's in my travel makeup bag?

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i think i did okay with not bring too much makeup during this 3-4 day weekend trip. i probably could've just taken one NAKED palette, but i wanted to bring both. it was also nice to bring my Clinique foundation as i'm finally done with the pressed foundation and i needed to start using up my liquid foundation.

it's nice to have options when you go out of town because you never know what you are going to use and if bought any new clothes, you never know what will go with those new things. neutrals are always a way to go and that's why i only brought my NAKED palettes. that's what i tend to like anyway... xoxo Kathleen

on the go: taking the dog to the kennel & random blatherings

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i love making these car vlogs! they are really so much fun to watch as well. in this video, you get to finally meet my beloved pooch, Madison. she is the love of my life (other than my husband).

Madison LOVES going to the kennel... and the vet! i think she just loves riding in the car so she's excited to go anywhere it takes her. what a silly girl! xoxo Kathleen

FOTD show & tell teal blue & grey eyes with peachy lips & cheeks

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it was totally on a whim to put this eye look together. i needed to use the April shadow from my Year of BE collection and it was a soft, silvery blue, and i decided to pair it with a grey shadow. totally fall colors, but i was just in the mood! i think it came out really nicely...

for the next Thursday video, i think i'll include my foundation routine using my realTechniques brushes, like the multi-task brush and the buffing brush, because it has been requested, and also because i have been leaving out the foundation part of my makeup routine before i start recording. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tag: 19 (random) questions

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i finally uploaded my response to the 19 questions tag that had been going around YouTube. i just love these types of Q&A tags. i find it so much easier to answer questions than to come up with stuff on my own. LOL

when i see a tag i want to do, i email myself with the questions (if it's a Q&A tag) and the link to the video or the name of the YTer who did the tag. i think i have like 7 tags to do! at least i have things i can do when i'm drawing a blank. then when i have completed the tag, i archive the email so i don't see it anymore. these tags have been so much fun to do... especially when the people you are subscribed to also do the tag, too... i just love that.

i know i've said this several times already, but i just love making YT videos this time around because of the interaction. when i first started, i got like zero interaction... and this is even after i made comments on videos i've watched, too... maybe it's because the people i used to watch had sooooo many (like thousands, or tens of thousands) of subscribers so they NEVER respond to comments. i just hate that. i mean i would love to have thousands of subscribers, but i'd rather have the close interaction with my subscribers instead. i have done so well with responding to comments this time around... i mean i did this, too, when i first started in 2009, but i think that's why i quit the first time due to the lack of comments. i don't know. it's just better this time around and i'm 100x happier. xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

on the go: testing my new universal car dash mount (for my iPhone)

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i should've purchased the mount that suctions to the dash, but i got something else and i can't find the right spot to put it so you can see me clearly without the steering wheel obstructing the view. i'm going to keep on playing with it... you don't mind being my guinea pig, do you?

i also need to stop shopping! LOL if it's not makeup, it's clothes, shoes, and accessories. OMG i never used to do this. even when i was still working in the office, i could go at least a couple of years without stepping in a department store or mall. makeup wasn't even on my radar! YouTube made me do it all! LOL xoxo Kathleen

Monday, April 16, 2012

on the go: OOTD & FOTD

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this video was a lot of fun to make! i wedged my iPhone into the nook where you see your gas meter, speedometer, and i was able to make a car vlog! i'm calling them "on to go" videos. i think i'm going to do more of these because they're quick and easy and i don't have to edit them.

i would love to get an attachment for the iPhone that i can stick on the dashboard or the windshield so that i can angle it better. putting the phone in this nook are is really not flattering at all! LOL i hope you enjoyed this type of video. xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OOTD/FOTD & a lipstick haul PLUS i met up with my YT girlfriends again!

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yet another fun day with my new girlfriends! i met up with both Yun/beautybijouxfashion and Sandra/sandrawaltersusa today at the mall and holy moly, we talked for nearly 5 hours! we didn't close the mall this time (we came close) but we had a lot of fun catching up and getting to know each other even more. this is what makes making videos on YouTube so much fun - meeting such great ladies like Yun and Sandra. i'm so thankful that they live close enough to me so we can meet up from time to time.

we met up at noon and then chatted while walking towards a restaurant in Nordstrom for lunch. then we chatted some more and after that, we walked around the mall and hit up Sephora, MAC, and Neiman's. before today, i never went into Neiman's unless i was just walking through if i parked near by. today, we went to the Chanel counter, Dior, and Bobbi Brown. wow! i never touched any of these brands before so i was in AWE because i was actually holding these products in my hands instead of just learning about them on YouTube. i already know what i want when i'm ready to try out a new brand: Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Mirifique (black w/ shimmer) and Ebloui (burgundy w/ shimmer). OMG both Yun and Sandra bought it for themselves and i wish i did, too! but i held back because i know they're permanent and i know i can get them another time... but wow, i so wanted to bring home Mirifique. the Chanel MUA put it on the upper lashline on both Yun and Sandra and it just kicked their eyeshadow look up a big notch. it was just so pretty! i just couldn't justify paying $36 for one cream/gel eyeshadow... however, i did spend just as much on 3 items at Bare Escentuals.

at our mall, the Bare Escentuals store moved and now it's called bareMinerals. i thought that was a little weird and had no idea they were going to rename their stores. i finally bought the red lipcolor Strength in their Pretty Amazing line, another 100% natural mineral lipstick in Red Zin, and the charity eyecolor in Invincible. i also exchanged 18 more eyeshadow empties at MAC and got 3 lipsticks: See Sheer, Amorous, and Creme In Your Coffee and i'm so happy with these colors! i think See Sheer is my favorite out of the three, but i'm pleasantly pleased with my MAC lipstick collection. as i said in the video, once i have exchanged all my empties, i will not be buying anymore MAC. not because i don't like it anymore, but because i have WAY too much and i just need to use what i have. it'll probably take me years to make any kind of dent in my MAC eyeshadows.

we took a break during our shopping spree and got some frozen yogurt (me) and shakes (Yun and Sandra) and talked some more. i felt that there was just no awkward moments. i think the fact that we watch each other every single day on YouTube it helps take away those awkward silences because on YouTube you subscribe to those you like to watch because of what they say and how they say it. Sandra said she felt like she was meeting movie stars and i found that so sweet and funny. i was just happy to meet new people who i call my friends now because they can totally appreciate how enthusiastic we can get when it comes to talking about YouTube and beauty. i think i like YouTube more than Twitter or any other text-based social network because you just get that extra closeness of the person you're watching. i don't know if that makes any sense, but it make sense to me. it also helps that these girls are so nice and sweet and actually interact with you. some of the more popular YouTubers just don't have the energy or the time to respond to comments. i mean when you get that big, you can't respond to every single comment, but it's worth a try, i think.

anyway, i've rambled on enough... i'm currently watching all these QVC episodes that somehow my DVR picked up. i'll be seeing you tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

date night OOTN & FOTD

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so for date night, the hubby won free tickets to see La Cage Aux Folles. i had never seen the movie The Birdcage, so i was curious to see this musical and it was just nice to do something like this with my husband. we hardly do things like these because we're such lazy bums and we just love to stay at home and relax.

before we left for the theater, i filmed a face of the day and outfit of the day because i quite liked how my makeup looked. i couldn't fall asleep after we got back home so i edited and uploaded it around 2am! so i hope you enjoyed this bonus video. xoxo Kathleen

look at what i got! Clarks Bendables sandals haul from QVC

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i uploaded this video on Saturday because i wanted to spend time with my sweet hubby...

first, we had lunch at one of our new favorite Japanese restaurants. we both got an "eki don" type dish where it's a variety of fish or meat in a bowl (over rice) and other pickled veggies and the bowl is one where it has a handle on one end. Japanese people ate these types of dishes when they rode on the train because the bowl was easy to hold and you don't have to hang onto too many little things (without spilling or dropping it all over the floor or yourself). i wasn't too thrilled with the dish i got (ginger pork) because it had too much meat and i wasn't too keen on the pickled veggies. i liked some, but not all. i enjoyed my favorite "Washington roll" and my miso soup, and they gave us a little dish of frozen yogurt in my favorite original tarte flavor.

after that, we went to our favorite Asian grocery store and STOCKED UP on roasted seaweed! OMG i love this stuff! ever since i saw Benji/BenjimanTV snack on this on his & Judy's daily vlogs (itsjudyslife), i had to try it. and it's so addicting! i love the salt! LOL i know that sounds funny, but it really makes a difference when you eat the roasted seaweed. i've tried the ones that are less or not salty and they are just no good. you have to get the ones that are salted. it was just trial and error because i can't read Korean... but i think we've found our favorites and they're so cheap to buy in bulk. now i'm craving it again! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, April 13, 2012

collective clothing haul: LOFT outlet, Ann Taylor outlet, Old Navy

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i really needed to get some housework done so i uploaded a haul video i recorded on March 26th.

and after uploading this video, it feels like i didn't even do anything today! LOL it actually feels kind of weird, but i needed to upload this video because it was starting to feel outdated. i actually have a couple older videos than this one that still need to be uploaded, but i held off because the content wasn't really so time-sensitive. i had been talking about my LOFT hauls quite frequently on Twitter so i just needed to do it. and i still have another LOFT haul to upload! LOL yeah, i'm a LOFT addict. it's really my favorite clothing store in the world.

it did feel good to clean my house. i only cleaned the top floor (we live in a 3-floor townhouse) and i was on my hands and knees scrubbing the shower. YUCK. i hate cleaning the bathroom. it's my most hated chore (other than vacuuming) but i did it and now i can relax. i still have to clean the middle floor (which has our kitchen, family room, and a half bath) but i'll probably get to it next week. at least i got the top floor done... i'm there all the time. hope you had a more eventful day than me! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, April 12, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell Bare Luxury A-D #2 kit Inspiration is Everywhere

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i got this kit 2 days ago and i finally got to tear right into it! i was MOST excited about the Marvelous Moxie lip glosses... i call them the tamer plumping version of the BUXOM lip glosses. i can't believe i'm still going to get 4 more glosses with this series of kits!

right when i opened the kit, i almost thought this was the Return to Radiance kit that comes with the READY blush and the foundation primer... but i was still pleasantly pleased because it came with the glosses... and the round the clock waterproof eyeliners with the new cap! hearing that "pop" when you take off the cap is music to my ears! i've mentioned this before either in a blog post or in a video that 3 of my 6 round the clock waterproof eyeliners dried out and that they were going to fix the cap issue and i was really happy that they did! i hate wasting products! i wonder if i sharpen the dried out liners enough to get to product that wasn't dried out... like the product towards the middle of the container? i'm curious enough to try!

i just checked my auto-delivery shipments from QVC and the next one is in May and it's the Mally Defend Your Beauty collection. then i get another tarte kit -and- the 3rd bareMinerals Bare Luxury kit in July and the next bareMinerals Return to Radiance in August. that means i don't get another READY blush until August! oh, man! LOL so i have plenty of kits coming my way over the next few months... and so why do i still shop for makeup? your guess is as good as mine! LOL i hope you enjoyed this look! i recorded about 29 minutes of footage and had to whittle it down to 17. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hunger Games OOTD & FOTD & Ulta haul

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whoops! i forgot to blog again yesterday! i don't want to make this a bad habit!

i finally went to see The Hunger Games all by myself. i enjoyed the movie. it had a lot of suspense and action. i didn't realize i was so tense throughout the entire movie that when i walked out, i couldn't walk! my legs were so stiff! it was so painful to move! LOL i do need to read the book itself as i only listened to it via audio. i know i missed a bunch of stuff that didn't show up in the movie and couldn't quite understand some of the stuff that did happen in the movie. i should know by now that i can't pay attention to audio books. i get so easily distracted that while i think i'm listening, i'm really not and then i'm lost or too lazy to rewind.

i hadn't been out of the house in a while because going out of the house usually means i go shopping so i treated myself to lunch at one of my favorite places and then went shopping at my FAVORITE clothing store ever - LOFT. then i went to Ulta (before i went home) and picked up the rest of the real Techniques brushes that i wanted and a couple Revlon lipsticks and a couple of cream eye shadows. i think i did pretty good at holding back on wanting to buy more. i perused the nail polish section and picked up a few bottles but did not put them in my bag. i really cannot buy anymore nail polishes because i have every color that i need. my collection is utterly ridiculous.

anyway, i enjoyed my day and i also received the rest of my packages that were already coming to me in April. i plan on not buying any more makeup until i go on vacation in May. i think i can do it. do makeup brands come out with summer collections or just spring? either way, i am going to try my best not to buy anything until i go on vacation in May and even then, i might not pick up anything new because i don't think we'll be going shopping much. i just plan on relaxing by the lake, taking in the sites, and eating lots of good food... like you should do on vacation. xoxo Kathleen

tag: 10 little secrets

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this was another fun tag to do! i have so many videos i want to do and i want to upload them all at once! but if i do that, i won't have a reservoir of videos for when i'm out of town. and even then, i don't even know if i can upload anything because i know that the internet connection at the places where i'm staying aren't as good as mine and i don't want to hog up the bandwidth either. so i have no idea what i'm going to do...

most likely i'll just upload the videos when i return or try to upload at night when no one is using the internet. i just don't want to miss a day! i don't want to break my streak...

i finally broke 200 subscribers today! i'm actually at 202! i keep talking about reaching a certain milestone but i don't know what it is yet... if i commit to a number, it's going to drive me crazy so i'm just going to see where it leads me... i'd like to reach 1,000 subbies by the end of the year, but if i get to 500, i'll be a happy camper. as long as i'm still happy making videos, the number of subbies i have really doesn't matter. i'm currently so happy with the amount of interaction i'm getting in the comments on my videos. i never got this kind of feedback when i first started in 2009. i think it's because i never commented on any of the videos i watched so i was kind of invisible. i don't want to be invisible to the people that i subscribe to.

anyway, i have my BE video to film tomorrow, which is an unboxing plus a look using the products. then i'm going to film my LOFT haul from yesterday. i also have about 3-4 more tags to do, not because i was tagged, but because i want to. i find tags to be one of the most fun videos to do! i don't know why i didn't do them more often. oh, well! i'll see y'all tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, April 9, 2012

what's in my stash? NARS cosmetics (and a FOTD using NARS)

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i have a tiny collection of NARS cosmetics in my collection. as much as i would love to own one of their blushes (like Douceur), i am holding back on this brand during my "no buy 2012." in fact, i most likely won't buy anything more from NARS because it's a brand that i can't seem to get into. maybe it's the price point. most likely, it is the price point. i could actually do without all my NARS products - EXCEPT - for the smudge-proof eyeshadow primer. OMG you have to have it. it's such an awesome primer for your eyelids.

i do have oily eyelids and even when i use the NARS smudge-proof eyeshadow primer, my eyeshadow still creases on me... BUT my eyeshadow lasts LONGER with this primer. i can't tell you how long it lasts because i don't wear makeup for very long. when i'm not going out of the house, i only wear makeup when i film my videos and then i quickly take it off after i get back home from picking up my husband from work. that's probably about 4-5 hours, give or take. there could be slight fading in the inner corner, but no creasing on the rest of the eye. i give that an A in my book. i don't think you would go wrong owning this in your collection.

other than that, i love the eyeshadow palettes - the shadows go on very smoothly and are very pigmented. i've not used the Laguna bronzer as a bronzer but as an eyeshadow and it's a very nice color to wear on the eyes as well. i only tried the multiple in Orgasm during this video so i can't tell you how it wears on me because i actually put it on top of my blush instead of underneath. i might try it again in a future video. on a side note, i'm so close to 200 subscribers i can almost taste it! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, April 8, 2012

tag: 25 questions and my 100th video

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holy moly! i finally uploaded 100 videos! i can't believe it! sometimes i can commit to something and sometimes i can't... like not drinking dark soda, i quit back in January 2010 and haven't looked back. i know i can make it to 366 videos by December 31st and then i will keep on going in 2013! that is, if we're still alive... LOL

so after seeing the tag video on Gina/Citrushearted's channel (since she subbed to me), i just had to use it for today's 100th video. we always want to know a little bit more about the people we watch on a daily basis... and since i can't come up with questions of my own, this tag came in handy and at the right time! i really couldn't do a beauty video because the weather was crappy. raining, thunder, and it was just too dark outside. however, i loved filming while it was thundering outside because thunder is one of my all-time favorite sounds.

i hope you like my Q&A video... i had a lot of fun answering these questions! i feel like i've done this video already on my old channel, but i don't think so. i do have another Q&A video already filmed and it has a couple of the same questions, but i'll be uploading that later... i might re-film it, too, because i think i stumbled on my answers a little too much... in today's video, i was on a roll! i love when i don't have to cut out too much stuff...

so thank you again for keeping me motivated in making videos every single day! here's to the next 100! xoxo Kathleen

Marshalls and Old Navy haul

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yesterday, i was just in a mood... and really didn't have anything in mind to film so i uploaded a haul video i filmed on March 13th...

i have yet to wear these clothes that i bought... i do have another haul video (with more clothes that i bought from Old Navy) and i have worn the ocean-y blue capri jeans from that (in my meetup with Yun/beautybijouxfashion). i washed them, too, and they didn't look like they shrank any. i haven't tried them on again since.

i'm still uploading today's video and it's a fun tag! i hope you watch that one and do it yourself, too. it's also my 100th video upload! i can't believe i haven't missed a single day yet. i'm very proud of myself! thank you so much for watching and indulging my hobby (by watching and commenting). xoxo Kathleen

Friday, April 6, 2012

what's in my stash? MAC face products (not foundation)

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i'm really enjoying these trips down memory lane when i do these "what's in my stash" videos... i've been so engrossed in my tarte Amazonian clay blushes and Milani baked blushes that i have forgotten about my beloved MAC blushes!

i need to rotate thru my blushes a lot more... i have my tarte and Milani on my makeup table but i don't want to store them in my white cubes because i don't want to forget about them. oh, the woes of a makeup collector! sometimes i wish my collection was like 1/20th this size...

i also tried to record another video this afternoon to elaborate on my no buy 2012 plan, but it went on too long and it would not be interesting at all to watch. so i figure it would be better to just expand on it in a blog post. i just feel that if i share my plan with you, it will help me stick to it better... even though, i do have momentary lapse of reasoning (is that the correct word?) and fall off the wagon again. i want all the pretty things! LOL it'll be coming up soon... enjoy your weekend! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, April 5, 2012

bareMinerals FOTD show & tell soft pinks & brown eyes

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i decided during the video that i will be making these Bare Escentuals look videos on Thursdays. i might do them more than once a week, but for certain, i will be making them on Thursdays.

i was very happy to find the perfect color for my eyebrows! all it took was a bit of digging in my collection. the color is "serenity" and i got it with the Sea Yourself kit from QVC that i got back in late 2008 or sometime in 2009. i made a video on it on my old channel, but i can't recall the date.

my goal with these weekly videos is to use all my BE shadows at least once. it sounds crazy, but i have so many shadows that aren't even opened yet... today alone, i had to open up 2 shadows for the look! i haven't been keeping track of the shadows i've already used this year (except in the description box) so you might see duplicates pop up now and then. i just hope i'm able to use them all because some of the older shadows didn't come with sifters so they're already open and jammed pack with shadow. thankfully, i have never dropped them on the floor! that would make me cry!

so i hope you tune in every Thursday for a new eye look from BE. i will do other eye looks from other brands on the other days of the week, but Thursdays are reserved for Bare Escentuals. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no buy 2012 revisited

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yes, i am going to make a more conscious effort to not buy so much makeup! LOL i don't know what is wrong with me... when i like something, i want to get everything! i go nuts with nail polish and lipstick. i have an upcoming video where i bought 4 Wet n Wild lipsticks! of course, they were like pennies cheap, but still... did i really need all 4?!?!

so i made this video, mainly for myself, so i can keep myself credible (is that the right word?) for this commitment. i think it's overdue to make this goal... but as a makeup collector, it's just so hard to do!

here is the list of the products that i'm not going to buy in 2012 (with a few caveats, of course)...

lotions - body lotions, hand lotions, body butters
foundations - unless it comes pressed by BE
face powders / setting powders
concealer - unless BE releases a new one in pressed or creamy form
eye primer
eyebrow pencil /  powder
lip pencil
eyeliner pencils - unless they come in kits with other makeup products
makeup brushes - unless they come from Sigma Makeup, Real Techniques, and Sonia Kashuk
face primers
single eyeshadows - unless they come in a palette
blush / bronzers - unless they come in a kit

i will allow myself to buy lipstick or lip glosses but IN MODERATION... i will be getting more glosses in upcoming kits, but i will no longer buy them in bulk no matter how cheap they are (i.e. WnW, etc).

so there you have it! by making this commitment, this will stop me from going to the drugstore, which is where i go crazy with the lipstick and lip glosses. i just hope that Revlon doesn't release more colors of their lip butter line because then i'm going to be in trouble... so girls, keep me honest! LOL xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

look at what i got! tarte Puttin' on the Glitz collection

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due to the bad weather today, i was able to upload a video i pre-recorded on March 3rd.

the video was able to finish uploading and processing before i headed downstairs to a safer place. i didn't go downstairs all the way to the first floor (i live in a townhouse)... but i was glued to the TV as we were watching all the tornado footage here in North Texas. i'm glad we escaped all the tornadoes (well, the city where i live). other neighboring cities got some damage, lost power, and baseball-sized hail.

i didn't think i would be uploading a pre-recorded video so early this month! LOL but i'm glad i had stockpiled a few... i have a few more tags to record to add to my growing reservoir of videos so i think i'll have plenty on hand before i go on vacation later on this month. tags and hauls are just easier to film! i hope you are all well (and safe) wherever you live... xoxo Kathleen

Monday, April 2, 2012

tag: makeup products i've seen on YT and have LOVED

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thanks to the wonderful Rachael/TheRaerae1971, she created a tag today called "makeup products i've seen on YT and have LOVED" and i just had to make my response! i've bought sooooo many products based on what i've seen other YouTubers have used and i've only loved a few of them. i mean loved! i've purchased many things that i've liked but i've never reached for them after a few uses. and sometimes i've purchased items that these YouTubers have raved on and on about but when i finally get my hands on them and test it on myself, some of these items just don't work for me... and i'm not one for returning makeup because i always think i can make it work for me... and i just feel weird returning makeup even though some places allow it and i know a lot of beauty YouTubers do it all the time...

anyway, i loved this tag! i wanted to do a tag like this a long time ago to feature products i purchased because of Emily/EmilyNoel83 but i thought that was a bit stalkerish - LOL - and when i saw this tag, it was my opportunity to do it! it was actually really hard to do because what i just mentioned above... because i didn't love everything i bought because of other YouTubers' recommendations and reviews. i mean i like everything i've bought but i've not constantly reached for them... i guess it's just hard for me to absolutely love something because my collection is too big. when i buy something new, it's like the primary focus, but then when i get something else, all products get pushed to the back. so this is kind of why i'm doing daily videos so i can eventually touch everything in my makeup collection. it's actually working and i'm finding things that i forgot i had... like that NYC sheer red lipstick i featured in the video. i think i'm going to do this tag again in about 3 months time (or even monthly? or is that overkill?) so i can feature more products because i'm sure i can find some more in my collection... xoxo Kathleen

March recap, some faves, FOTD, tiny Target haul, many thanks, etc

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whoops! i forgot to blog yesterday! i know that not a lot of people read my blog so it's okay that i'm a day late... anyway, thank you for such a wonderful March! i never knew i would have so much fun dedicating a whole month just to one brand of makeup. i have much more up my sleeve so i hope you keep tuning in!

so this video, i was a bit all over the place... that's okay! i had a lot to say! i'm so excited to using my It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil again! i think the color works so well with my skin tone. i think the big & bright eyeliner in cork worked as well, but i think i should've topped it off with a darker shade of brown. i'm such a newbie when it comes to picking out the correct eyebrow pencil for my brow hairs.

anyway, i'm ready to talk about other makeup brands, but i will still do at least two videos a week just for my fellow Bare Escentuals addicts. i just gotta keep on enabling you guys! LOL xoxo Kathleen

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