Tuesday, July 30, 2013

just a reminder

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hey everyone! in case you have stumbled upon this blog, i have moved to my personal domain at daysies.me. that's where you'll see everything, including these posts (that i have imported over). i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this space just yet. i'm not deleting it because i'm using this account to comment on other Blogspot blogs that i still follow (that require a login to comment). so i haven't stopped blogging at all... i just do it elsewhere. thanks for stopping by!

please visit my blog at daysies.me! :) <3 xoxo - Kathleen

Friday, December 21, 2012

coming back in the new year 2013!

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hey everyone! so sorry for the extended hiatus! i totally didn't mean to abandon this blog... but i am gearing up to kick this blog into high gear in the new year. my goal is to continue to blog daily (as an extension to my current YouTube channel) and share personal tidbits, pictures, and product reviews of the items in my makeup collection, and a whole lotta fun stuff! so thank you for staying subscribed to me and following my blog... and if you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos to come in 2013! happy holidays!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

CVS & Target haul: lip gloss, blush, shirt, dress, flats

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so i'm at my mother-in-law's house now and we're enjoying our time here! we laid out on the hammock for a while and had a delicious dinner, desert, and cappuccinos. now we're settling in for the night... it's only 11:23pm here, but it's only 10:23pm where we live... and we're dead tired!

i uploaded this video early this morning so i could get it out of the way, but based on the signal here at the house, i might have issues uploading videos like i had planned. i might have to do this early in the morning again... or right after midnight. i plan on doing a quick OOTD or FOTD or even try to record in the bathroom putting on an easy look with a little bit of vlogging. we'll see how that goes.

i didn't take a lot of video today because i had a HUGE headache on the plane and it continued after we got picked up and then it just became a dull headache by the time we had dinner... but i took an Aleve and it almost went completely away. i'm sure a good night's sleep will take care of the rest. i hope you're all doing well! i miss y'all already... xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, May 19, 2012

what's in my stash? tarte LipSurgence

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even though the Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stains just came out, let us not forget these tarte LipSurgence lip products! they weren't the first on the scene with chubby lip balm products as Clinique started it off years ago, but i think they are still just as good! two noticeable differences: minty taste & price.

i like all the colors i've received in kits, but i will not shell out $24 for one on its own. it's just not worth the price... especially when the Clinique chubby sticks are only $16 apiece and the Revlon balm stains are on average around $6-9 (depending on where you are). plus tarte comes out with kits with at least one or two or five LipSurgences! if you have a favorite color, let me know. i hope it's included with a kit! xoxo Kathleen

Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stains first impression, swatches, & comparisons

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i was lucky enough to find these at my local Target!

i did try one of them (i think it was Darling, but it could've been one of the berry colors) after i filmed this video and i had dinner and it didn't come off at all!  i didn't wear it for hours on end, but usually anything i have on my lips have been eaten off after an hour or so. it lasted on my lips and it was a nice stain, too! it did feel a tad bit dry, but not drying. i think there is a difference between the two. i didn't bring any with me on vacation but i might pick up a couple more because my Target was missing a couple. the display only held 10 out of 12. so i'll keep you updated! i hope you're able to find them at your local stores but i read somewhere that it's permanent and will be in all stores by May 28. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, May 17, 2012

FOTD show & tell bareMinerals peaches & plums (using the May Year of Beauty color)

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this is probably my last show & tell video until i get back from vacation... but i couldn't skip my Thursday Bare Escentuals look!

unfortunately, i will have to skip next week's BE look since i won't be in town and won't be bringing any BE makeup with me on vacation. however, the 31st is the last Thursday of the month so i'll be back with another look.

i have a lot to do tomorrow so i'll be uploading a video i've already pre-recorded... i have laundry and packing to do... i also have lunch plans with a couple of friends. i also hope i will kick this sore throat that reared its ugly head a couple of days ago. i've already take Tylenol Cold, Tylenol PM, and Zicam. i don't want to bring this with me on vacation! right now, my throat (only on the left side) doesn't hurt as much as it did this morning... i'm not coughing either. i know that when it started hurting my mouth was open and felt cotton mouth when i woke up. it's been lingering ever since. i hope it doesnt turn into a full-blown cold or flu because that would just SUCK! okay, i'm outa here... i'll see y'all tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what's in my travel makeup bag? volume 2 (plus what's to come for the rest of May)

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first off, i hit 300 subscribers today! w00t w00t! it feels like it took forever this time around. last time i started making videos for YouTube, i think i hit 300 after 4 months... this time i hit it after 5.5 months. i don't like to pimp myself because i find that bragging. i just like it for people to find me. if they like me, they'll sub. i've also been trying to see how i can incorporate a giveaway on my channel without looking like i'm fishing for subscribers... because let's face it... everyone says "you have to be subscribed to my channel" if you want to quality for a giveaway. that always attracts trolls and sore losers, i think, and drive-by subscribers... those who subscribe for the giveaway, never comment, and then unsubscribe when they didn't win.

so i am not sure what to do just yet. i have an idea, but i think it would be hard to accomplish... we'll just have to see. i still haven't hit that certain milestone yet.

so when i'm away on vacation, i'll actually only have to upload 5 new videos. we get to my parents' house on Saturday so i can upload a video when i'm there. they have DSL but their upload speed is way faster than ours! we have AT&T U-Verse with super-fast download but crappy upload. then we don't fly out until Sunday so i can upload a short video before we head to the airport. i have a couple of pre-recorded videos that are very short so i'm going to transfer them to my MacBook which is what i'm taking with me on vacation. if i wasn't uploading anything, i would just take my iPad, but since i want to edit and i'm not familiar with iMovie on the iPad yet, i'm bringing my MacBook. then from M-F, i'll upload short videos like FOTD or OOTD and other life stuff (that you'll see on my other channel: hellodaysies). we'll be back on Saturday sometime in the late afternoon so i'll be uploading a video around that time when we get back to my parents' house. i just don't want to skip any days in 2012. i want to fulfill my goal of uploading every single day in 2012. i know that's silly... but it's what i want to do.

i've gotta get a move on with packing... i have laundry to do, too... i always wait until the last minute to pack because i just don't know what to bring ahead of time. i just want to go on vacation! xoxo Kathleen

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