Sunday, May 20, 2012

CVS & Target haul: lip gloss, blush, shirt, dress, flats

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so i'm at my mother-in-law's house now and we're enjoying our time here! we laid out on the hammock for a while and had a delicious dinner, desert, and cappuccinos. now we're settling in for the night... it's only 11:23pm here, but it's only 10:23pm where we live... and we're dead tired!

i uploaded this video early this morning so i could get it out of the way, but based on the signal here at the house, i might have issues uploading videos like i had planned. i might have to do this early in the morning again... or right after midnight. i plan on doing a quick OOTD or FOTD or even try to record in the bathroom putting on an easy look with a little bit of vlogging. we'll see how that goes.

i didn't take a lot of video today because i had a HUGE headache on the plane and it continued after we got picked up and then it just became a dull headache by the time we had dinner... but i took an Aleve and it almost went completely away. i'm sure a good night's sleep will take care of the rest. i hope you're all doing well! i miss y'all already... xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, May 19, 2012

what's in my stash? tarte LipSurgence

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even though the Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stains just came out, let us not forget these tarte LipSurgence lip products! they weren't the first on the scene with chubby lip balm products as Clinique started it off years ago, but i think they are still just as good! two noticeable differences: minty taste & price.

i like all the colors i've received in kits, but i will not shell out $24 for one on its own. it's just not worth the price... especially when the Clinique chubby sticks are only $16 apiece and the Revlon balm stains are on average around $6-9 (depending on where you are). plus tarte comes out with kits with at least one or two or five LipSurgences! if you have a favorite color, let me know. i hope it's included with a kit! xoxo Kathleen

Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stains first impression, swatches, & comparisons

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i was lucky enough to find these at my local Target!

i did try one of them (i think it was Darling, but it could've been one of the berry colors) after i filmed this video and i had dinner and it didn't come off at all!  i didn't wear it for hours on end, but usually anything i have on my lips have been eaten off after an hour or so. it lasted on my lips and it was a nice stain, too! it did feel a tad bit dry, but not drying. i think there is a difference between the two. i didn't bring any with me on vacation but i might pick up a couple more because my Target was missing a couple. the display only held 10 out of 12. so i'll keep you updated! i hope you're able to find them at your local stores but i read somewhere that it's permanent and will be in all stores by May 28. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, May 17, 2012

FOTD show & tell bareMinerals peaches & plums (using the May Year of Beauty color)

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this is probably my last show & tell video until i get back from vacation... but i couldn't skip my Thursday Bare Escentuals look!

unfortunately, i will have to skip next week's BE look since i won't be in town and won't be bringing any BE makeup with me on vacation. however, the 31st is the last Thursday of the month so i'll be back with another look.

i have a lot to do tomorrow so i'll be uploading a video i've already pre-recorded... i have laundry and packing to do... i also have lunch plans with a couple of friends. i also hope i will kick this sore throat that reared its ugly head a couple of days ago. i've already take Tylenol Cold, Tylenol PM, and Zicam. i don't want to bring this with me on vacation! right now, my throat (only on the left side) doesn't hurt as much as it did this morning... i'm not coughing either. i know that when it started hurting my mouth was open and felt cotton mouth when i woke up. it's been lingering ever since. i hope it doesnt turn into a full-blown cold or flu because that would just SUCK! okay, i'm outa here... i'll see y'all tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what's in my travel makeup bag? volume 2 (plus what's to come for the rest of May)

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first off, i hit 300 subscribers today! w00t w00t! it feels like it took forever this time around. last time i started making videos for YouTube, i think i hit 300 after 4 months... this time i hit it after 5.5 months. i don't like to pimp myself because i find that bragging. i just like it for people to find me. if they like me, they'll sub. i've also been trying to see how i can incorporate a giveaway on my channel without looking like i'm fishing for subscribers... because let's face it... everyone says "you have to be subscribed to my channel" if you want to quality for a giveaway. that always attracts trolls and sore losers, i think, and drive-by subscribers... those who subscribe for the giveaway, never comment, and then unsubscribe when they didn't win.

so i am not sure what to do just yet. i have an idea, but i think it would be hard to accomplish... we'll just have to see. i still haven't hit that certain milestone yet.

so when i'm away on vacation, i'll actually only have to upload 5 new videos. we get to my parents' house on Saturday so i can upload a video when i'm there. they have DSL but their upload speed is way faster than ours! we have AT&T U-Verse with super-fast download but crappy upload. then we don't fly out until Sunday so i can upload a short video before we head to the airport. i have a couple of pre-recorded videos that are very short so i'm going to transfer them to my MacBook which is what i'm taking with me on vacation. if i wasn't uploading anything, i would just take my iPad, but since i want to edit and i'm not familiar with iMovie on the iPad yet, i'm bringing my MacBook. then from M-F, i'll upload short videos like FOTD or OOTD and other life stuff (that you'll see on my other channel: hellodaysies). we'll be back on Saturday sometime in the late afternoon so i'll be uploading a video around that time when we get back to my parents' house. i just don't want to skip any days in 2012. i want to fulfill my goal of uploading every single day in 2012. i know that's silly... but it's what i want to do.

i've gotta get a move on with packing... i have laundry to do, too... i always wait until the last minute to pack because i just don't know what to bring ahead of time. i just want to go on vacation! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

quick EOTD show & tell soft lavender eyes featuring tarte puttin' on the glitz girls' night out palette

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this has got to be my shortest talking video to date! i did cut out a lot of stuff because when i film, i do film both eyes and i cut out what i do with one of the eyes.

i think what makes these EOTD videos go so fast is because i cut out eyeliner. you can achieve some darkness with using the darkest eye shadow in place of eyeliner. the way i did my "eyeliner" today was based on a technique that Joy on QVC did on yesterday's tarte show. she does this wedge thing with the darkest color in the outer corner and brings in the dark color to about halfway across the upper lash line. this brings depth in just the outer corner without having to do the outer V and all that jazz. i think this technique totally suits my eye shape and after trying it in this video, i think it came out looking good, if i do say so myself... i think this technique will also help me test the waters with different darker colors, like navy blue! yeah! i totally want to do a navy blue eye now. LOL stay tuned for that! xoxo Kathleen

collective haul CVS, Walgreens, ULTA, $3 philosophy at Big Lots

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so sorry i didn't upload this the day i bought the philosophy makeup... had i done so then you probably could've found some at your Big Lots. a few of you are coming up empty... i feel so bad! i really wasn't going to even upload it until next week sometime, but Gina/citrushearted really wanted to see it since she also found some herself earlier that day.

next time i'll try to post my time-sensitive hauls that same day or the next. i'm sorry if i didn't give you that opportunity to get anything... or at least look. on the bright side, at least you saved your money. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Monday, May 14, 2012

quick EOTD show & tell featuring Smashbox Beauty Exposed palette

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i'm starting a new type of video to my channel where i only show you what i've done with my eyes. the show & tell will start after i have already put on my eyelid primer. if i use a colored base, like in this video, i will show you that as my first step.

i think these types of videos are much easier to film and edit and will be shorter than other videos. i won't have to be redundant with regards to telling you what i already did on my face. so i'll just jump ahead to the eyes. i hope you like these types of videos. once in a while i'll do a full-face makeup especially when i finally finished this Clinique Even Better makeup and move onto another foundation. so in the meantime, the face routine will be the same until all these items are finished. mucho kudos to those who are sticking to the stringent Project X Pan... in a way i am, too. i don't have 10 products and i'm switching it up sometimes... but the only difference is that i'm still buying makeup! when you're on PXP, you can NOT buy any new makeup until you've finished 10 products. i can NOT do that. there is just no way and who am i kidding? i'm obviously not fooling you when i say that i'm not buying any more makeup for such & such time. it's like i have to say that after feeling guilty for buying these things. oh, well! i'm only human! LOL xoxo Kathleen

look at what i got! Sephora & ULTA haul

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you're probably rolling your eyes at me, right? no more buying makeup? yeah, right! LOL

i bought these items when Ebates was giving 8% cash back. i just can't help myself! i have a problem! hi, i'm Kathleen and i'm a makeup addict! LOL i really can't wait to use these BUXOM cream eye shadows. they are so pretty! i swear all my money, what i have left, is going to Bare Escentuals and their awesome products. xoxo Kathleen

FOTD show & tell purple smokey eye featuring tarte's envoke the smoke quad

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i went a little bit more dramatic in today's look... i think you can easily do that with purples, don't you think?

i'm excited to do this again with a navy blue! there's an awesome navy blue in one of the bareMinerals READY 8.0 palettes. sometimes i have so many ideas that i can't even pick one to start with! well, there are still many more days left in 2012 where i can definitely come up with more looks. xoxo Kathleen

Friday, May 11, 2012

collective haul CVS & Sally Beauty Supply

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after visiting my local Sally Beauty, i finally found the lip gloss that Tracy & Stef/eleventhgorgeous teamed up with Palladio to make!

it is such a nice pink lip gloss and it smells so delicious (vanilla). i actually picked up a couple more for a potential future giveaway. :)

sorry for uploading so many pre-recorded videos this week... i checked and i uploaded 3 this week! i've not been in the mood to put on makeup this week or do other makeup-related videos... but i'll try to upload all new videos until i leave on vacation... which can't come soon enough!

so i hope you have a good weekend and i'll be back tomorrow with another video! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FOTD show & tell cranberry smokey eye using the BUXOM Tango e/s palette

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since it's Thursday, you get a show & tell video from me!

i'm not the expert at smokey eyes, but i try to practice whenever i see a dark color that i really love. in this BUXOM e/s palette, i picked "embrace" which is the dark cranberry color. i must confess... i think i didn't do a really good job at blending out the cranberry and the charcoal color... maybe that's why i got a thumbs down? i don't know... but that's okay... i'll just keep on improving, right?

for next week, i need to pull out one of the kits i bought in the past and try to recreate a look from that (or pick something from my box of inspiration). for the following week, i'll be on vacation so i hope to have a BE video pre-recorded to upload on that day. i was almost thisclose to skipping that Thursday and upload an OOTD or FOTD while i'm on vacation, but i really want to stay consistent. most likely, i'll be uploading really short "on the go" vlogs with a hint of beauty. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

collective haul: Skechers, LOFT outlet, Target

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this is the last clothing haul from my repository of pre-recorded videos...

i do want to share with you that i got a nasty comment on this video... i deleted it and blocked the person who left the comment. for the past few weeks, i've allowed all comments to be posted freely on my videos instead of moderating them. i've had no issues until today. i got a drive-by comment from someone who wasn't subscribed to me. it was rather mean-spirited. the comment was about my shirt and how stripes would make me look "fatter." i'm not the skinniest person in the world, but i do mind constructive criticism if it's something you don't like or have issues with. so adding "just saying" with a smiley at the end is supposed to lay off the blow of the comment? i don't think so. when i went to that person's profile, there was no profile picture and hardly a bio at all. the fact that this person wasn't subscribed to me meant that this person's comment was worth less than nothing.

i watch a lot of videos but i don't comment on everything i watch. if we watch each other, and exchange a lot of comments on each other's videos, of course, i will continue to comment. there are some channels where i will never comment because they already get so many comments on those videos that mine will just get lost in the mix. i know they will never respond to me even though they say they read all their comments. i don't know how they can. i'm sure their email or YouTube inbox is unmanageable! anyway, i'm more prone to comment on videos where the YouTuber doesn't have many subscribers, or even if they do and they respond to my comments, i will continue to comment because i think it's fun to comment back and forth with people you love to watch.

anyway, i don't know some of these people handle negative comments like these. i know that the bigger YouTubers just leave these comments on their videos and well, you get lots of thumbs down on the comments and comment attacks left and right. i don't want that on my videos. i don't want nastiness to breed more nastiness. so that's why i deleted it. if i see a lot of negative comments, i just X out of the video and move onto the next... or i just watch it and skip commenting. comments can ruin someone's fun... i don't know how celebrities do this day in and day out with the paparazzi in their faces all day long.  i would just hide in my house all day, but then that kind of behavior would be more fodder for the next gossip column.

so that's what i wanted to say on the matter... i love comments, but i hate comments that provide nothing of value to the topic of the video, especially when it's not constructive. i've blocked a handful of people on my old channel and this one. i think you become more vunerable on YouTube than any other social network because people actually see you than just your words. you start to develop a thick skin when you make videos. you just have to remember that people can easily hide behind their keyboards. they probably would never say these words to your face... regardless of that, i don't want their nasty words dirtying up my videos. i think you would feel the same. oh, and i will continue to wear stripes because stripes are fun! xoxo Kathleen

p.s. if you think i'm taking this to heart, i'm only human... but this isn't going to eat me up inside. delete & block... out of sight, out of mind. i know who my friends are. i'm not going to let a troll ruin my fun. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

on the go: new haircut & grocery shopping

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so YES, i took the plunge and chopped all my hair off!

as you can see from the before haircut footage, my hair was just getting so unruly and unmanageable! i think i was a little too excited to get my haircut the first time (at this salon) and i should've not kept the length. by leaving it long, and then thinning it out so much, the shape of my hair from the back just looked so ODD! even for my face shape... so when i went back to the same salon, i asked Mina (not the same person who cut my hair the first time) to cut it all off. she even commented, "there's too many layers!" i agreed. so she basically hacked off the ends up to my shoulder-length layers and then started cutting and trimming slowly. after she flat-ironed my hair, she thinned it just a little bit because at this length, without thinning, i would immediately have mushroom head. so i'm still going to need to flat-iron my hair anyway, which is not a big deal.

as much as i loved my long hair, i probably should've kept it thick and not heavily layered or thinned... but the only drawback is that it would be so extremely heavy. if only my face was a bit thinner, i think i could've pulled off the thinned hair look. but i'm not so i need to stop fooling myself. LOL i am much happier with this cut and i think in a couple of months, i'm going to go shorter and ask them to thin the back a bit more so i won't get mushroom head so quickly. i hope you know what that means... "mushroom head"... when your short haircut starts to grow out, your hair just sits on your shoulders and then just balloons outwards and not fall over your shoulders to the front or back just *on* your shoulders. thus getting that mushroom head look. i can already tell that i'm going to get it soon because my hair grows so fast. that's okay. this haircut only cost me $25 with a $10 tip. it doesn't break the bank like my haircuts used to when i went to ULTA.

so i'm very happy with my new, oldie but goodie hairstyle. it feels great and i'm ready to wear my summery clothes (but i'm not ready to deal with the summery, sweltering hot weather here in TX). thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the video and on Twitter. you ladies rock! xoxo Kathleen

LOFT clothing haul pastel-colored capris, cardigans, earrings

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whoops! i forgot to blog this yesterday.

i have yet to wear the lime green and aqua blue capri pants, but i will be bringing some of the capri pants/jeans that i have purchased in the past with me on vacation... i think the weather will be slightly cooler over there than here so i won't feel so hot wearing the capris (because they are a little snug upon wearing them for the first time, but they stretch out after a while). actually, we're having good weather today and for a few more days this week... well, good as in it's overcast and it's keeping the heat away but it's kinda gloomy outside to be wearing such bright colors. LOL like today, i wore dark brown capris and a grey/blue top... you'd think i was going into autumn! (which is my favorite season ever!)

anyway, i gotta start thinking about what i'm going to bring on vacation... i know i'll overpack as i always do but i'm going to try to be more sensible... we'll see. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, May 6, 2012

look at what i got! QVC NewBeauty testtube (spring-summer 2012)

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in case you missed it, or if i never said it before, this is the only beauty subscription service that i have. i don't sub to any of the monthly ones because they just don't appeal to me. i like deluxe samples and not the teeny weeny ones that those other monthly ones give. you can not go wrong with the QVC NewBeauty test tube as you will like at least half the items and it'll be way more than the $30 you pay quarterly.

one of my friends on YT (MissLoveBE) has told me that she uses the Wen cleansing conditioner after she shampoos as her second cleanse. i think i'll try that as i'm still working through my current shampoo and i have another shampoo bottle to go through. i think i'll start that after my current conditioner is done. when i watch Chaz Dean on QVC, he says that you need this many pumps for your first cleanse and then this many pumps for your second cleanse... you would go through a small bottle in like 2-3 uses! that's not very efficient to me since i have such long hair... so i think i'll just use 1/2 the recommended pumps so i can make these bottles last a bit longer. also, i plan on getting my hair cut this week for sure! it's getting so long and unruly. i think the novelty of getting it thinned this much has finally worn off.

one more note... i met up with Yun/beautybijouxfashion and Sandra/makeuploverusa again today! we had a blast chatting and eating and drinking! LOL we met up at Starbucks in Uptown and then had lunch on the patio at a Thai/Vietnamese place. we went to a gelato place afterwards, then window shopped at a few stores, and finished off the afternoon with Starbucks (i had an iced chai latte this time). Sandra even gave us roasted seaweed! it's totally been my favorite snack for the past couple of months. i honestly can't wait to see these two lovely ladies again. i hope we can continue to make this a monthly meetup. xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, May 5, 2012

look at what i got! Sephora VIB 15% haul (bareMinerals, tarte, Laura Mercier)

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i was finally able to upload this video (i still have a couple older videos) after teasing you all with the products in previous videos...

i don't have much to say today except that i'm finally watching Downton Abbey... it seems like it's a 1912 soap opera... kind of like Days of Our Lives. it's okay so far... there are only 7 episodes in season 1. hope you had a nice Cinco de Mayo... we had Mexican food for lunch. we should've gone to our regular Tex-Mex place and not this new one. we weren't very impressed with the service or the food. oh, well! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, May 4, 2012

FOTD show & tell featuring Laura Mercier lingerie eye & cheek palette

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in the past, i was always too shy to tweet famous people/popular brands or companies on Twitter because i always feared that i would say something stupid... then i realize they probably have thousands of people tweeting them all day long that they wouldn't even see my tweet. this also applied to beauty YouTubers on Twitter... i've tweeted some and i might get a response back... there are a few people who ALWAYS respond back regardless (like Emily/emilynoel83) and i absolutely love that... i appreciate the acknowledgement! sometimes i wish everyone was like that, but i totally understand they can't sit on Twitter all day long responding to people, especially when it starts to get repetitive... but it would be nice to do so once in a while... i guess they would have to know if you've tweeted them in the past.

anyway, what was i saying... the reason why i brought this up is because i got TWO tweets from different companies based on the videos i created and tweeted. one from Bare Escentuals and one from Laura Mercier! i don't know if BE actually saw my video after they said "can't wait to see it!" and i don't know if Laura Mercier saw mine either, but Laura Mercier responded back, after i had tweeted the link to this look, with "flawless!" (which tells me they did watch it) and retweeted me, too. OMG i was so giddy like a school girl! and that's what i'm talking about. their one-word acknowledgement totally made my day! i even took a screen shot of our exchange so i could keep it forever. LOL

anyway, here is the video of the look i made with Laura Mercier's lingerie palette. it was my first time using it and i'm in love! i would've never bought the palette had i not seen Sandra and Yun talk about it on their channels. i've never bought anything from LM before... but now i have a wishlist! LOL i think this palette was the best introduction to her makeup line. the shadows are so buttery smooth and applied so easily! you really can't go wrong with any eyeshadow combination in this palette. all the colors go so well together! i can't wait to use it again... i'm glad i put it in my makeup basket of the month! i'll probably use it again on Sunday when i meet up with Yun/beautybijouxfashion and Sandra/makeuploverusa again. i'm so excited to meet up with them again. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

BUXOM FOTD show & tell featuring the new Color Choreography Eyeshadow 5-shade palette in Swing

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this eyeshadow look came out so nice! it was my first time using this palette and i think i did a pretty good job coming up with a look on the fly.

i can't wait to use the Tango palette next week. i love the fall-ish colors. i want it to be Fall already! it's not even Summer yet and i already want it to be cold again.

sometimes i feel rushed when i do a video like this because i worry that i'm going to have 1) a huge file to import into iMovie and 2) i'm going to spend hours editing. well, i don't think i've ever spent more than an hour editing, but then again, if i added more bells & whistles to my videos, i can see it taking more than an hour or two. anyway, when i'm not filming and just putting on makeup, i feel like i'm a lot more careful with my makeup application. when i'm filming, i feel like i'm put on the spot and all eyes are on me... even though i'm all by myself. doesn't that sound weird? i guess i'm still not 100% comfortable showing others how i put makeup on myself. i'd rather talk about it than show how i do it... yet i'm so excited to do these Thursday videos!

i really like BUXOM's first attempt into pressed eyeshadows. between the READY eyeshadows and this one, i prefer the READY ones more. BUXOM already dipped into the eyeshadow realm with their cream eyeshadows and i currently only have it in "mutt" but i'm expecting 3 more (which i already did receive today and i'll record the unboxing tomorrow). i wonder if they'll release cream eyeshadows in their bareMinerals line... then again, there are lots of rumors of new products that will be debuting on QVC on May 18th (when Leslie Blodgett returns after a long haitus).

anyway, i hope you like the look. i hope i can come up with a different look using the same palette. i already know which palette i want to get next... and you'll just have to wait and see what it is. xoxo Kathleen

look at what i got! new BUXOM choreography color eyeshadow 5-shade palettes

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i wanted to rip into the Sephora package i got yesterday but i waited patiently and opened it on camera today!

i was really excited to get this package because Bare Escentuals' other makeup line, BUXOM, released their pressed eyeshadows as well! the list of ingredients in these shadows are not as natural as the READY pressed eyeshadows that BE released in their bareMinerals line, but it really didn't matter to me. i just wanted them and i'm glad i did!

they are really pretty shadows and pretty pigmented, too. they felt smooth under my fingertips and swatched pretty good, too. i was so excited to try them on, i used the Swing palette in my Thursday's FOTD show & tell video... which came up next! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

makeup basket of the month: May 2012

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i think i'll have fun with this makeup basket for May. i picked some good stuff that i've only looked at and never used! spoken like a true makeup collector, right?

when i picked up my hubby today from work, i asked him to look at my makeup, which i sometimes do, and he said he liked it, which he always does. i asked him if my lip was too bold and he said no. i was like, "really? it's not too hot pink or bright for you?" he still said no. so what looks bold and bright to me definitely doesn't look bold and bright to him, and since i value his opinion, it just gave me an extra boost of courage to wear more bold and bright lip colors. it's a good thing since i've been so drawn to them lately and i don't want to waste my money (his money) on makeup that'll never be used.

i've also been getting more comments and compliments on my videos where i wear a bolder lip so that's definitely helping my self-esteem some more, too! i picked up a couple more bold lip products from Revlon that i have already filmed in a haul video today and you'll be seeing that soon. i'm back up to 8 pre-recorded videos because i just can't stop! i just want to film and edit and film and edit. i'm also so behind on tag videos so maybe i'll run through some of those when i'm on vacation because i'll be doing a lot of relaxing and to me, making videos and editing them are relaxing! i know, i'm weird. xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my collection of red lip products

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wearing red lipstick or lipgloss has been completely out of my comfort zone, but i think i'm totally okay with it now! even though i didn't find it until after i filmed this video, i did find my perfect red lip which is "strength" from the bareMinerals pretty amazing line.

however, i really like "sheer red" from NYC. i think it looks so good on me (if i do say so myself) and on all skin tones. i just put that collection of red lippies away today as i was organizing my makeup table in preparation for my May makeup basket of the month. fortunately, i didn't put away the Revlon lip butters because i'm planning on using only lip butters for the month of May so i will be wearing red this month! i hope!

i was planning on recording my May makeup basket of the month video, but i was feeling very lazy and just wanted to watch BONES on my computer. so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. i have six more pre-recorded videos left to upload so you'll probably see another one this week, two more next week, and the rest the week after that before i go on vacation (or maybe while i'm on vacation). i'm still going to film and upload videos while i'm on vacation but they'll probably be car vlogs or OOTDs or FOTDs and short videos like that. i love doing this for you and for myself, too... i don't think this is work at all! xoxo Kathleen

products that i'm using currently (in preparation for June 2012 empties)

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another type of video i love to watch are videos showing product that you're currently using, which is similar to makeup basket or project pan videos. this is my version of project x pan because these are the items i'm trying to use up. i find this type of "project x pan" is better suited for my style because of how large my collection is. i could never ever ever do a full project x pan because i cannot stick to 10 or however many products and not buy anything new during that time.

i think that is the key. i think i can do a project x pan because i did feature some makeup items in this video that i'm trying to use up, but my weakness is that i have to buy something! i don't know... i have such a large collection that i really don't need anything new, but i love certain brands that i just want everything from them and that is something i can't just quit myself from doing... for example, Bare Escentuals.

i have a small spiral notebook on my makeup table with a full page of brands that i will no longer buy from without exception. and then i have a full page of brands that i will continue to buy from but it also includes brands that i will only buy certain things from. like Revlon... i love their lip products but i don't need anymore eyeshadows from them so i'm banning myself from buying those things, but i will keep checking out their lip products, especially if they come out with more colors in their lip butter line.

i think the only way i can ever do a project x pan is if i ban myself completely from YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and all other social networks... and that isn't happening. LOL xoxo Kathleen

April 2012 empties! (includes Scentsy bars that i finished)

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my first empties video! woohoo! it may look like i had a lot of empties, but i've been collecting in this box since February. most likely i won't have nearly as much for my June empties video.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE watching empties videos! if you're a makeup collector like me, it's very hard to finish anything... but when you do, it's so satisfying! it makes you feel like your makeup was worth it. i don't know... but i think that when i'm able to get through at least 1/2 my foundation and concealer collection, i won't feel so guilty for having hoarded these products for so long.

i just hate throwing away makeup that i spent money on! i mean, i've done it in the past (before YouTube) like when my nail polishes got all goopy and separated (and shaking them doesn't do anything) and lipsticks got rancid or melty... i've only throw away a couple of foundations that didn't match my skin (but i still have a shoebox full of face products that i haven't even given away or thrown away).

anyway, i am excited to start collecting my empties again for June. i'm trying to just use up items that are at least 1/2 to 1/3 almost done. it's just the best way to whittle down your collection. also, these videos act as a way to remember what you used up and thrown away in case you want to repurchase them in the future. xoxo Kathleen

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