Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MAC dark grey smokey eye using smoke & diamonds

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another oldie, but goodie... i still feel like poo! so i found another tutorial that was pretty good to upload today. sorry for the quality... when i uploaded videos in the past, i used a program called iShrink (i believe) to compress the video so it could upload quicker. so the best it could be was 360p.

nowadays, depending on what the video is about, i would either upload in 720p HD (which takes HOURS to upload) or large 480p and they still take a long time to upload. HD is really taxing on the internet at home so uploading in large 480p takes about 1/2 the time, but it still takes a while depending on how long the video is.

anyway, i'm slowly getting better... my fever broke last night while i was crashed on the couch... as soon as that happened, i felt 10x better. i was able to sit up and eat dinner (we ordered pizza) and watch last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. i really wanted to go out today and see my friends C & R get married, but i just couldn't do it... i was still pretty weak. i've been taking OTC meds and also the hubby stayed at home today, too... at least my other friends A & M made it to the wedding. i still feel horrible that i couldn't go but i didn't want to infect them on this blessed day. they're going to have a celebration later on in the summer and most likely i'll be well enough to attend!

i'm going to try to make a new video tomorrow, but we'll see. i'll sound like crap, and i'll have to edit out all the coughing, but i have something planned for the month of March. i hope you like it. xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MAC shale & sketch / Fafinettex3 recreation

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i really wanted to make a video today... specifically the bridal makeup look i'm going to do to my friend C, but i had a HUGE coughing fit last night that i had to sleep on the couch because i kept on waking up my poor husband. then i couldn't go back to sleep. i'm so stubborn when it comes to taking medicine, but i finally caved in and took some DayQuil to kick this cough in the butt.

so i uploaded an oldie, but goodie. it's a video that i made back in June 2009 that i actually liked! i hope you like it, too... maybe you remember it? LOL

i will be uploading older videos when i go out of town, around March 10th weekend... i'm not sure if i'll be able to record anything beauty-related when i'm away, but i'll try. i do not want to miss a single day! however, if i do, i'll just double up when i get back... or i'll just pre-record some videos and upload them on those days. i hope you don't mind! i actually had some good videos back then (and much better skin, too)! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, February 27, 2012

bareMinerals Year of Beauty & Love & Beauty collection

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i really need to start using my BE loose eye shadows! OMG my collection is huge... so many shadows still unopened! how embarrassing. i think i will dive head first into my BE collection in March and include the BE shadows in my makeup basket of the month.

in other news, i became an auntie again for the THIRD time! now i have THREE nieces! as i said on Twitter, "more Hello Kitty stuff to buy!" i am so excited and can't wait to see her in a few weeks (at her big sister's birthday party). xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

FOTD February 26th

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yes, i'm still talking about Jordan Knight... but like i said at the end of the video, i'm going to spare you the torture and stop talking about him (unless you beg me to continue!) and make a proper video on my non-beauty channel "hellodaysies."

there's really not much to say except that when i went to Holly's house, we watched Breaking Dawn part 1 and all of the extras. i must say that i'm really impressed with the way they transformed Bella... you just have to see it. see you tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

FOTD & OOTD February 25th

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sorry i'm late to post this video and write this blog post. at least i made a video yesterday... i just didn't have time to edit and upload it the same day... but you get 2 videos today!

yes, more talk about Jordan's solo concert... in today's video, i will be talking more about it, but i promise i won't continue to talk about it as it's not really beauty-themed. so you will be spared the continuous torture! so i hope you like this side of me... with a smokey eye. i was just in the mood! LOL xoxo Kathleen

Friday, February 24, 2012

FOTD, NKOTB 2011 cruise, & Jordan Knight solo tour chitchat

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i just realized that i forgot to watermark my video! WHOOPS! there's no way i'm going to delete it and edit it and reupload it because it already took so long to export and to upload. oh, well... my first oopsie since i started this channel on January 1st. can you believe that i haven't missed a day yet? that's dedication!

anyway, if you were a Blockhead back in the late 80's/90's, then you have to watch my video! i've watched it already at least a handful of times and it just cracks me up how excited i got recapping last year's cruise and summer tour. wow... i wish i could do this again! i would have to win the lottery or beg my husband that i would never buy a single piece of makeup the rest of 2012 and 2013. no, i don't think so... LOL

i really need to be thinking of what to wear tomorrow as well as what makeup look i want to convey, but i'm DVR'ing Grimm and watching Fringe. i'll do it later as i probably won't be able to go to sleep. it's going to be a very long night i can already tell. i'm just so excited to see my girlfriends and to see sexy Jordan Knight sing and dance on stage. at least after this my poor husband won't have to hear about him again for a long while. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, February 23, 2012

just a quick FOTD February 23rd

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so i put a little bit more effort into my makeup today... i didn't go overboard, but i look put together. in case you didn't catch it, i didn't even use concealer! LOL well, it's only because i skipped it, but i still need it... just not in so many places anymore. you don't know how happy this makes me.

in the video, i teased a bit of what's going on Saturday... well, not so much, but if you follow me on Twitter (lazydaysies) and you read the tweets on my profile, you'll see why. SO EXCITED! i still don't know what to wear! i can't wait! i'll tell you more tomorrow or Saturday itself. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this is another test

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please don't mind this post. ;) i'm having a bit of a dilemma if i want to stick with Blogger/blogspot or move to tumblr. i also have another blog (self-hosted WP) that i've had for years that i never talk about because i just archive my lazydaysies tweets in daily digests. i also have another Twitter account that i've had since 2006 (which has over 20K tweets) that i don't really use anymore (plus, it's locked down) because i wanted a clean slate with lazydaysies. i think blogspot and tumblr has its place but it's quite a lot of places to maintain... especially since the same content is cross-posted on all 3. i don't know. i spent a few hours tonight creating tasks with to emulate my tumblr to my WordPress blog so i really don't even need tumblr or blogspot anymore! however, most beauty bloggers use blogspot because it's really easy to follow them via Google Friend Connect. you can't really do that with a self-hosted blog unless you add the feed to your RSS reader like Google Reader. you can follow blogspot blogs and tumblr blogs with Google Reader as well, but they'll be mixed together. plus, tumblr is really pretty to look at. see my dilemma? okay, enough rambling... this post probably doesn't make any sense to you. maybe i should've figured out how to use my WordPress blog during my new beauty/YT adventure instead of spreading myself thin between Twitter, blogspot, and now tumblr. i need to sleep on this. LOL xoxo Kathleen

Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire first impression/review

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so i've used my new makeup remover twice now (once more since i created the video) and i'm still very happy. i used one side for both eyes since i only wore mascara and then i flipped it over and put a little bit more of the Bioderma and then used that side for the rest of my face. then i still used a simple makeup wipe to thoroughly take the rest of my make up off, and when i checked the wipe, it was hardly tinted with foundation. i'm so impressed! and the skin around my eyes do not feel dry at all. of course, i will still wash my face with my Murad acne facial wash and Clarisonic, but i feel more comfortable going to bed without doing so (when i'm extremely tired).

both bottles, totaling 1000 ml, will last me forever since i'm going to be using it primarily for removing eye makeup. i'm very happy with this purchase. if there is a similar item that i can find in the states and in the drugstores, i'm up to checking that out. i only waited a few days for this to come in via USPS since this wasn't an Amazon Prime item. xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scentsy haul: warmer & bricks (and a quick FOTD)

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i always say that i have enough fragrance stuff to last a lifetime and then i go out and buy more! LOL i am such a sucker for these types of sweet, bakery scents. so i put in an order with my friend's Scentsy store and got 4 bricks (which are being discontinued) and one more warmer. like i said in the video, my house is going to smell like a 3-story bakery.

if you notice in the video, i figured out how to zoom in a bit, while i was editing. my home address was showing on the box and i'm really scared about showing that stuff and so i zoomed in to remove it. there's still so much to iMovie that i haven't even touched yet. i am constantly learning new things about this editing program.

if you have any questions about Scentsy, i'll try my best to answer them for you. i have asked my friend to sub to my channel so she can chime in as well. if you want to place an order, you can do so here ( for the rest of February, you can get 10% off on most of the products! you will not be disappointed. thanks for watching! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, February 20, 2012

collective haul MAC, Target, Sally Beauty Supply, CVS

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so i did a little damage yesterday and today but i still didn't go crazy with the makeup. only 2 cream eye shadows and 1 lipstick. :)

i wish we (as non-partners) can choose our own thumbnails... i can't stand the random ones they come up with.

i tried the bun maker and my hair is too layered for it to work! i might have to make my own bun maker because the one i bought at Sally Beauty is a bit too thick. i won't return it because i'm sure i can make it work when my layers grow out. but i wanted to make it work today. oh, well...

also i tried that nail polish remover pad HandsDown Ultra that i found out from Jen/OrganizedLikeJen and wow, it works! i was able to remove all my nail polish with just one pad. it also feels like felt, which is what you need to remove glitter nail polish, too. you can use the foil method, but i think felt is a lot less messier and you don't have to mess with foil and pure acetone. i have a bottle of pure acetone but oh boy, does it stink and not safe to use with my jaggedy cuticles. ouch.

i mentioned yesterday that i was going to talk more about what happened on Sunday but i think i'm going to just make a video of it showing you how i applied the makeup on my friend. it really came out so nice. i wish i took pictures! but the lighting was rather horrible and so it really wouldn't come out true to color. so i'm just going to try to recreate it on myself. she has less lid space than i and hardly a crease so i was actually happy that i was able to make a look on someone who almost has a monolid.

well, i think i'm going to start making dinner... it's just 4:00 but i'm starving and the spaghetti sauce probably won't be ready for another hour to two. see you tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mally Beauty Fierce Face in Five Minutes FOTD show & tell

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so my video is currently exporting and the time remaining is 28 minutes and my iMac clock says 11:24pm. most likely, i won't be able to date/timestamp my video for the 19th... i'm totally bummed because i didn't want to miss a single day. i didn't miss creating a video, i just missed uploading it the same day. it'll probably appear in your subscriptions around 1-2 in the morning because it's a super long video at around 25 minutes... which means it'll take about 1-2 hours to upload. it's a good thing i'm not exporting it in HD because that would be a nightmare to upload and totally suck up all the bandwidth in the house and piss off my husband. LOL

i did have a lot of fun with my friend today. she and her fiance and i went out for hibachi for lunch and then she and i went to the mall to go shopping. i picked up one thing from the mall (and gorged myself on Auntie Annie's pretzel bites - so yummy) and then we went to Target to pick up a few more things. i'll show you what i got tomorrow and talk a little bit more about what we did today. i gave her a makeup trial in the comfort of her own bathroom using her NAKED palette which was UNTOUCHED! OMG i can't believe she hadn't touched it once since she bought it last summer, i believe. that's just crazy! LOL we filmed the makeup application, but i didn't take the footage back home with me. i don't even know if it's watchable because the video camera was on a tripod and i was putting on her makeup and neither of us was checking the camera. so we could've been completely out of frame. DOH! nah, i think i got it all... except towards the end when we were playing with the eyeliner and trying to figure out if she would look best in pencil or liquid. i had only used eyeshadow as a liner... but we settled on pencil for the final look. she is only like the third person i've ever applied makeup to. all i can say is that using neutral eyeshadows is a safe bet. you really can't mess it up... too much.

anyway, that was pretty much my day. my makeup lasted pretty well... i really didn't check myself in the mirror too much. i was clearly shiny when i got home, but i only had to smear away the smudgy eyeliner once while we were out... but that's typical because whenever i put eyeliner on the lower lash line, it always smudges without fail. i should've set the liner with powder or put some powder below my lower lash line to soak up the oil. oh, well... it just doesn't matter that much to me. anyway, it looks like i still have 15 more minutes to go and then i'll start the upload. i'm getting really tired all of a sudden. i'll be back tomorrow. xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, February 18, 2012

what's in my stash? Clinique chubby sticks & vitamin C lip smoothies

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the fact that it was such a gloomy day, i couldn't justify putting on makeup since we weren't going anywhere... so i made another "what's in my stash?" video showing my collection of Clinique chubby sticks and vitamin C lip smoothies. I love these more than the Revlon lip butters. don't get me wrong... i love them, too... i have way more than one person should have... but the chubby sticks win hands down. 

i like making these "what's in my stash?" videos because i can show you what's in my collection and also tell you what i like or don't like about them instead of glossing over them in a collection video. i'm still not sure if i'm going to make a collection video... but never say never. xoxo Kathleen

Friday, February 17, 2012

what's in my stash? my mint green nail polishes (and an unfinished FOTD)

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i don't think i've worn makeup all week... so it was nice to put some on for a change. okay, i did put some on a few days ago... and then when i did put on makeup, i forgot to put on mascara! oops. i just haven't been feeling 100% so that's why... but i do feel a bit better when i do. so why don't i put it on more, you ask? who knows. LOL

i hope you all have a good weekend. i'm not sure what i'll be doing this weekend... nothing has been finalized. i really need to do some housework, but i don't know... i'm just not feeling it! xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, February 16, 2012

what's in my stash? tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes

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tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes are all the rage! i only have 4 (and i want more!) but i'm happy with what i have, especially since i bought exposed. it is really such a pretty color and i don't know why i didn't buy it sooner!

i also wanted to share with you another video on my second channel... it's not a vlog channel (at least not right now) like the way other beauty YouTubers use their second channel... it's more of a channel where i can upload videos for my friends and family and not feel too embarrassed. LOL i'm not hiding myself from my friends and family on YouTube, but i just don't advertise it. i especially do not talk about my videos on Facebook, where i communicate the most with my friends and family. i just think they'd make fun of me... but i really don't know. my husband's parents both know about my channel but i don't think they watch my videos (but i think his dad does). my local friends know about my channel because i set up YouTube to tweet when i have uploaded a video. i don't know... i'm just scared to post my videos up on Facebook. honestly, i don't know how i would react if they told me they found one of my videos! anyway, below is the video... enjoy! xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what's on my iPhone home screen?

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i thought i would give you a bit more insight into my personal life by showing you what's on my iPhone home screen. i could probably delete all the other applications on my phone and be happy with the apps that live on my home screen... but i have a bad habit of downloading free apps to never use them again. i always think that i'll use them sometime in the future and if i deleted them, i would go hunting for them again. fortunately, you can check the "purchased" tab in the App Store to find out what you have downloaded and also see what's currently installed.

if you have any questions about the apps i showed in the video, please let me know and i'll go into more detail in another video. if you have any favorite apps, let me know what they are so i can check them out, too! btw, i have the iPhone 4 and will be getting the iPhone 5 when it comes out later this year. by that time, my phone will be 2 years old and i'll be ready to upgrade! xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what's in my stash? all my Sonia Kashuk brushes

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it's been a while since i made one of these videos... i couldn't think of what to film today because i was still feeling like crap, but at the last minute, i came up with this one. i almost rerecorded it because i was coughing so much as i was editing it, but i decided to keep it. showing off brushes doesn't need to be so fancy schmancy.

so i hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day. i didn't get anything for my hubby and he didn't get me anything either... the jewelry haul i filmed the other day wasn't really Valentine's Day specific. we just don't do that kind of stuff... sometimes he surprises me with a bouquet of daisies, but you know, they die. LOL i'd rather have a nice dinner together and watch some TV or a movie. we normally go out for dinner on our anniversary or our birthdays. i can't wait until i can kick this cough! xoxo Kathleen

Monday, February 13, 2012

FOTD watch me get ready February 13th

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it's really much harder than it looks... to talk about whatever is on your mind to a camera while putting on your makeup. i'm sure i'll get better at it, but it was pretty awkward because i'm trying to have a conversation with you. LOL

i really want to get some eyebrow gel... i think that'll be the easiest way for me to do my eyebrows. i have a few pencils, but i just don't know how to use them properly despite watching so many videos on how to fill in your eyebrows. i think brow gel will help keep the brow hair in place and some of the gel will transfer to the skin to give it some color. hmmm... now that i think about it, will brown mascara work? i mostly have black mascara, but i do have a couple tubes of brown mascara in my stash... i might try that! xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, February 12, 2012

jewelry haul! (charming CHARLIE, francesca's, Brighton)

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i really need to find a better way to store and display my necklaces. right now, i have them hanging from pushpins on a bulletin board, and the board is sitting on the floor. i've already knocked it over a few times... and what a pain it is to hang all the necklaces back up! i really need to find actual hooks with pushpin backs so the chains don't slip off easily.

in other news, i'm trying my hardest not to order tonight's TSV on QVC for Mally's newest collection. i really want her to try her new liquid foundation. it debuted on its own a few months ago, but you can't buy it individually on QVC at this moment. i'm not really interested in the liquid blush because i prefer powder/pressed blushes, but i really like her mascara, eyeliner, and shadow sticks. they are really bulletproof! however, what's holding me back is that i really don't need another foundation as i'm trying to phase that out of my makeup routine. i would really like to wear a tinted moisturizer or a light-weight liquid foundation or just go back to using Bare Minerals. i'm still holding out for them to release a pressed foundation. i'm crossing my fingers and toes! LOL

anyway, i can't wait until that day where i no longer have to wear concealer because that means i have no more spots to cover up! for the first time in a few days, i wore makeup today and i used my Clinique almost powder makeup. after that, i only had to cover up a few spots with my MAC studio sculpt concealer. i'll watch QVC tonight to see the demonstration before i make my final decision, but i'm leaning towards not buying it because i simply do not need it. this "no buy 2012" is so much harder than it looks! LOL xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 1 collector's gift set unboxing

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so i have a super casual video for you today... it's non-beauty related (but i did talk about my hair a bit... LOL). did you buy the DVD? i thought i had picked up the Blu-Ray collector's gift set, but when i was filming, i realized it was the DVD set. it's okay... i can't tell the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD anyway when i watch it on TV.

i'm currently ripping the DVD to my computer so i can watch it whenever i want without having to always play it from the DVD itself. i do this with my favorite movies and TV shows because i hate when they get scratched up from being removed out of their cases all the time. and i buy the DVDs (or Blu-Rays) for my favorite movies and TV shows because they contain special features and behind-the-scenes stuff... which you don't get if you download them from iTunes or Amazon or wherever else you buy media. yeah, i'm a HUGE fan of all those extras.

anyway, tomorrow i'm going to meet a friend for lunch and most likely go to the mall to get some coffee or something. not sure yet. i hope to get a beauty video up for you tomorrow. it might just be an outfit of the day because i'm usually spending time with my hubby or friends over the weekend. i gotta take a break from sitting in front of the computer, you know! LOL see you tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Friday, February 10, 2012

tag: nail polish obsession

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no more nail polish! LOL okay, i think that'll be it with nail polish videos for a while... i will be getting back into makeup talk soon. i'm slowly getting better... i think it was just a 1day/2day bug. now i just have nagging cough.

i used my webcam to film today's video. i rearranged my iMac and my 2nd monitor on my desk so i can position the webcam to be in front of the window (or by the window). i would really like to film directly in front of the window, but i remember when i did that in the past, i was so washed out. i have way too much junk in my office to be moving heavy things around so i think the webcam is good where it is for now.

oh, BTW, Bare Escentuals JUST released their READY blushes! yes, PRESSED blushes! OMG! they have a preview sale right now on their READY blushes and bronzers... using the code MARCH at checkout, you will get free shipping on the preview items only. so tempting! i might just go to the mall since i have a full punch card ($10 off) that's been burning a hole in my purse! and if you were on the mailing list, you would've gotten an email from them with a link to the preview sale. i don't know if i can link to it here as the link might change per email recipient (not sure). so call your local boutique if you have any questions. this sale is not at ULTA or Sephora... just online or at the free-standing boutiques. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, February 9, 2012

battle of the taupe/purple/grey/brown nail polishes volume 2

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so i feel like crap today... but i still wanted to upload another video... so this one is faceless. after i was putting the nail polish away, i noticed that i still missed 3 bottles! i made a note of that and will include it in a volume 3 which will not be made for months because i won't make a video just to show 3 nail polishes.

my hubby is making dinner tonight (Filipino beef sinigang) and i'm starving because i have had no energy to eat anything today except for a mug of tea and a bagel. i hope i feel better soon... it seems like there's a YouTube bug going around... a lot of YouTubers i watch have been ill recently. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ULTA haul (OPI, real Techniques, tarte)

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i chose wisely with this haul... i could've gone overboard with the nail polish, but i think i picked out 4 colors i didn't already have in my collection... and i already told you that i was going to buy a few real Technique brushes from Sam/Pixiwoo... and the tarte blush has been in my wishlist since i remember Tiffany/MakeupbyTiffanyD featured it in one of her videos. i think she was the first one who talked about it... and now i finally have it and it's gorgeous!

anyway, that's it from me tonight... i had lunch with a childhood friend and then dinner with a couple of former co-workers. it was nice to catch up with them. xoxo Kathleen

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

battle of the taupe/grey/purple/brown nail polishes

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this video was inspired by Michele/Michele1218... she put up a video showing off all her taupey-grey nail polishes and i thought i would do the same! but first, here's her video:

yes, i know i have a LOT... way TOO much... but i love this color. i think it looks best on short nails. as much as i love having long nails, i get antsy and want to clip them all off otherwise they would just chip or split or snag on something and take off more than i want... and it would be very painful, too.

so i still need to update the description box to list what i have... just keep in mind, i was eyeballing these polishes and kinda sorta measuring them against one another. i didn't even try to paint them because i know sometimes they look different on the nail than in the bottle. so some of them might not even fit in this category. i have some nail wheels that i can swatch the polish on... i just need to stop being lazy! so i hope you like this! i know i don't need anymore nail polish... but i think you can tell that this is my favorite nail polish color to buy... xoxo Kathleen

Monday, February 6, 2012

FOTD show & tell (featuring Bare Escentuals) February 6th

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i finally put the Trend Report Frill Seeker collection to use!
i think i might go back thru my Bare Escentuals collections and pick out the products from those white drawers (that you might have seen in the background of a few of my videos) and try to recreate the looks. would you be interested in that? i know that i probably only used the eyeliners or lip glosses from those sets. anyway, that'll give me something new to do for my channel. xoxo Kathleen

Sunday, February 5, 2012

FOTD & OOTD February 5th

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just a quick outfit of the day and face of the day since i didn't have time to make a better video. at least i uploaded something & didn't break my streak. i'm still going strong since January 1st!

i hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl XLVI. i was at my friend's house for his birthday and i kinda watched on/off. i normally do not watch the Super Bowl at my own house. or i would just have it playing in the background (waiting for half-time) while playing on the computer. Madonna was great. she still has an awesome body for being in her 50s! i wish i could look half as good as her. i bet it was due to all that yoga. well, i'm so tired and sleepy, so i'll bid you goodnight. i'll see you tomorrow! xoxo Kathleen

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FOTD show & tell February 4th

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when i originally filmed this video, it was almost 20 minutes long. i cut out a lot of stuff (like whatever else i did on half of my face) and sped it up and then it was less than 5 minutes. holy moly! i only learned how to speed up a video in iMovie when i started my channel over. i never knew how to do this before! there are a lot of new effects i have yet to implement in my videos...

thank you so much for all your support for yesterday's video... it was hard for me to do, but i'm glad i did it because i know i'm not alone. maybe in a future video, i'll show you the more hideous pictures. maybe...

btw, i can't believe i haven't skipped a day since January 1st! i still have so much to share with you... thank you for watching my videos and commenting! i appreciate your feedback so much. if you know of anyone else who might like my video style and topics, please feel free to share my YouTube channel. xoxo Kathleen

Friday, February 3, 2012

one month later: an update to the quest of clear skin

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so i mustered enough courage to share some pictures i've been taking over the past few months regarding my skin. the ones i showed in today's video were actually quite tame. my skin was severely broken out in the summer. it was embarrassing and painful and i just hid myself from the world. thanks to my Clarisonic, then the Persa-Gel, and lastly the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector (with my Murad acne skincare line), my skin has shown drastic improvement. i'm no longer embarrassed to show my bare face! i still have a few spots that are still annoying me, but i feel that they'll disappear within the next few months. these spots have already lightened at least half since i started using the dark spot corrector. i used Clinique's Even Better Skin Tone Corrector in the past and only the clinical version worked for me... but i stopped using it because it just got too pricey (and i probably got lazy with washing my face, as well).

so i hope you don't get grossed out looking at all my acne scars and pigmentation. i have to look at this every single day. i can't wait until it all goes away because i'll have one less thing to stress me out. xoxo Kathleen

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FOTD, Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, and some rambling

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i had a nice lunch today with some friends... my friend C and i are going to try to make it a more regular thing, like once a week or every other week on a specific day. we've been friends since 2000 (when we first worked together) and she lives about 45 minutes away, but we both have been slacking in keeping up with each other. my friend A and i keep in touch all the time (though we do have our hermit moments) because we live across the street from each other. we both have keys to each other's houses and we text all the time and even FaceTime as well when we're too lazy to get out of the house.

my friend C is going to be married at the end of this month and i asked to do her makeup. well, i wanted her to look nice (she also has the NAKED palette) even though it's going to be really low key since they're just going to the courthouse. so i'm excited for that! i've only done the makeup for my youngest sister and our friend  (who was her other matron of honor) for my sister's wedding. i'm going to ask C if i could film her so you can see me apply makeup on someone else. i think that would be cool. xoxo Kathleen

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FOTD (featuring my February basket of the month)

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i've finally dove into my makeup stash (instead of the makeup that sits on my makeup table). it was nice to rediscover the makeup that i had bought so long ago when i started my makeup collection. sometimes the least expensive makeup are just as good as high end makeup.

i need to put an eyebrow pencil in my basket so i can remember to use it! then again, i had a highlighter in there and i only realized i had forgotten to apply it when i started recording. DOH! xoxo Kathleen

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