Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what's in my travel makeup bag? volume 2 (plus what's to come for the rest of May)

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first off, i hit 300 subscribers today! w00t w00t! it feels like it took forever this time around. last time i started making videos for YouTube, i think i hit 300 after 4 months... this time i hit it after 5.5 months. i don't like to pimp myself because i find that bragging. i just like it for people to find me. if they like me, they'll sub. i've also been trying to see how i can incorporate a giveaway on my channel without looking like i'm fishing for subscribers... because let's face it... everyone says "you have to be subscribed to my channel" if you want to quality for a giveaway. that always attracts trolls and sore losers, i think, and drive-by subscribers... those who subscribe for the giveaway, never comment, and then unsubscribe when they didn't win.

so i am not sure what to do just yet. i have an idea, but i think it would be hard to accomplish... we'll just have to see. i still haven't hit that certain milestone yet.

so when i'm away on vacation, i'll actually only have to upload 5 new videos. we get to my parents' house on Saturday so i can upload a video when i'm there. they have DSL but their upload speed is way faster than ours! we have AT&T U-Verse with super-fast download but crappy upload. then we don't fly out until Sunday so i can upload a short video before we head to the airport. i have a couple of pre-recorded videos that are very short so i'm going to transfer them to my MacBook which is what i'm taking with me on vacation. if i wasn't uploading anything, i would just take my iPad, but since i want to edit and i'm not familiar with iMovie on the iPad yet, i'm bringing my MacBook. then from M-F, i'll upload short videos like FOTD or OOTD and other life stuff (that you'll see on my other channel: hellodaysies). we'll be back on Saturday sometime in the late afternoon so i'll be uploading a video around that time when we get back to my parents' house. i just don't want to skip any days in 2012. i want to fulfill my goal of uploading every single day in 2012. i know that's silly... but it's what i want to do.

i've gotta get a move on with packing... i have laundry to do, too... i always wait until the last minute to pack because i just don't know what to bring ahead of time. i just want to go on vacation! xoxo Kathleen


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